Carlqvist and Hedegaard on Denmark’s Self Inflicted Islamization

Ingrid Carlqvist and Lars Hedegaard continue a series begun last week on The Gatestone Institute blog site  on Islamization in Scandinavia.  Last week it was , “Sweden: From ‘Humanitarian Superpower’ to Failed State”.   Today , it was Denmark’s turn for the  proverbial ‘treatment’,” Denmark’s “Open Door” and its Limitless Beneficiaries.   Carlqvist and Hedegaard are co-editors of Dispatch International.

 Hedegaard is one of the heroes of free speech. He founded the Danish and International Free Press Societies. He relinquished the Danish Free Press post  in April 214 after serving for 10 years.  Together with Danish Cartoonist, Kurt Westergaard, they are survivors of  attacks by the beneficiaries of Danish humanitarianism,  Muslim immigrants wielding axes , and  in Hedegaard’s case, hidden pistols.  We recounted about  a Danish Lebanese Jihad’s attempt on  Hedegaard’s life.  Hedegaard’s quick action deflected the pistol shot of his assailant disguised as a Danish postman seeking to deliver his unwanted package.  The assailant was subsequently escaped  and was  found in Turkey, released by the Islamist government  despite  protests  by Denmark’s Ambassador and Justice Minister. They were   seeking to  have  him extradited to be tried for the attempt on Hedegaard’s life. Now, we suspect after his release Hedegaard’s assailant may have disappeared into Syria to join up with the Islamic State.  Hopefully not to return. But one never knows these days, given the Paris Charlie Hebdo and Hyper Cacher supermarket attacks. Attacks whose  victims were cartoonist writers, shoppers, workers, five of 17 victims, Jews.   

We liken Hedegaard  to Holger Dansk, the legendary Knight of Charlemagne, whose statue resides in Denmark’s parliament, one eye cocked on alert for the country’s enemies. Holger Dansk was the WWII symbol of resistance during Nazi occupation.

Carlqvist and Hedegaard illustrate why Denmark, like Sweden has been blinded by its  official policies of multi-culturalism  and political correctness. Hedegaard knows that full stop given his prosecution of alleged hate crimes, endeavoring to warn his fellow Danes about being overly tolerant of intolerant Muslim immigrants.  Immigrants who  reject the generosity of their hosts them through acts of rejection including  rape, attempted murder and assorted criminal behavior. 

Neither, Carlqvist and Hedegaard buy the line touted at last week’s Joint White House by President Obama and UK Prime Minister  David Cameron.  Obama  suggested that Europe  might take a lesson from this country about how  the US has a better class of Muslims who are more readily assimilated .  A line purloined from US Muslim Brotherhood front MPAC  with entre to the White  House.  Instead  the opaque term “violent extremism’ was promoted on mainstream media hiding the stealth jihad objective of imposing Shariah self-censorship,  redacting the “I”, “M”, “J” words from official counterterrorism training  materials of national law enforcement, military and homeland security  counterterrorism echelons.  Tell that to  American Jihadists Major Nidal Hassan, Carlos Bledsoe, Nolen Alton and Zale Thompson. 

Carlqvist and Hedegaard  cite several examples of  in their Gatestone Institute article on Denmark’s  “self –inflicted” Islamization.

Let us consider Denmark’s example.

As soon as newcomers arrive and have been granted residence (and to some extent even before), they receive every benefit our welfare state has to offer: Free medical care, free education through university, housing that is often better than what poor natives have to make do with, integration allowances, free language education, disability pensions, old age pensions, equal rights under the law etc. Cannot pay for yourself, your wife (or wives) and your numerous children because you are not qualified for a job or would rather not work? No problem. The taxpayers will provide you with everything you need. Want to go and fight in Syria for the Islamic State and leave your dependents behind? That’s fine. The state will pay for them while you hone your skills as a holy warrior. Want to come back to Denmark if you get tired of slitting throats and burying people alive in Syria? You are welcome, and you will enjoy all the transfer payments you had before your exotic venture.

How much softer can it get?

Yet you will hardly ever hear a Muslim –­ whether first, second or third generation — ­express the slightest gratitude for all that hard-working Danish taxpayers have given them. Quite the contrary. When Muslims sound off in the media, it is usually in order to complain about the horrible way they are being treated. They are being harassed, excluded, mocked and offended by the natives. The original inhabitants turn their backs on them. That is often true, but is at least partly explained by the fact that Muslims prefer to live in confined areas (in Denmark they are known as ghettoes) with each other, where they can practice Sharia law, keep control of their women and where outsiders are not welcome.

Tiny Denmark, covering 16,621 square miles, with 5.5 million people — of which close to 300,000 are Muslims — already has 33 or 40 (depending on what definition you use) Muslim areas. Some of them have turned into no-go zones, where the police and the fire brigade hesitate to enter for fear of being physically attacked. Among the most well known are Inner Nørrebro and Tingbjerg in Copenhagen, Vollsmose in Odense and Gellerup just outside Aarhus.

Billions upon billions of kroner have been spent in an attempt to upgrade, renovate and beautify these areas, on the assumption that the crime and anti-social behavior emanating from these areas are due to poor living conditions and poverty. Nothing has helped, and the reason is simple: Imams and other holy men maintain a firm grip on the Muslim diaspora (for instance, by convincing heads of families that their women must be veiled and constantly be under male supervision). This ensures that no integration takes place.

 The imams are schooled that it is their job to heed Muhammad’s command to fight in the way of Allah until the entire world bends to his will. That cannot be achieved if the believers start integrating with infidels or emulating their culture. Their true adherence should be to the global Muslim umma (community). And, of course, it helps a lot if there is a steady influx of Muslim newcomers from afar.

So that is one basic explanation why integration has failed not only in Denmark but wherever imams are in control. Had there been no local whips, and no chain of command or conduit of financing from Middle Eastern potentates and missionary organizations, integration might have succeeded at least in part.

That was the opinion of one Danish Lutheran priest who had helped to integrate the first Muslims that came to Denmark back in the 1970s. It was going well until the day the imams arrived, and started warning local Muslims that they were committing a mortal sin by becoming too westernized.

The imams are schooled that it is their job to heed Muhammad’s command to fight in the way of Allah until the entire world bends to his will. That cannot be achieved if the believers start integrating with infidels or emulating their culture. Their true adherence should be to the global Muslim umma (community). And, of course, it helps a lot if there is a steady influx of Muslim newcomers from afar.

Now who are the “ useful idiots”  perpetrating this self-inflicted Islamization on Denmark?   They are what the authors call the “immigration-industrial complex”:

We are talking about the vast number of public employees and officers of semi-private humanitarian organizations who make a living out of receiving, caring for and integrating foreigners. If they were to succeed, or if the stream of asylum seekers were to dry up, they would be out of a job.

As a prerequisite of its work, the Immigration-Industrial Complex strives to spread a sense of guilt. This endeavor is mightily supported by a great number of journalists and so-called “experts,” who have made a career out of accusing their fellow Danes of racism, “Islamophobia” and xenophobia. We are so rich, they claim, and yet we will not take responsibility for the plight of billions of our persecuted and poverty-stricken fellow men around the world.

Exactly how Danes — and other Europeans who have never hurt a fly — have incurred this burden is never explained. Nor would this sort of self-flagellation carry weight anywhere outside the West. But here it works wonderfully.

As Amir Taheri, former chief editor of Tehran’s biggest newspaper, explained at a conference in Copenhagen some years ago: If you want to integrate newcomers, you have to get rid of people who make a living out of integrating them.

In the US those are the dozen or so leading Voluntary Agencies or “Volags” with names like Catholic Charities, World Lutheran Service and Hebrew Immigrant Aide Society who feed at the humanitarian refugee  program troughs  of the State Department and  Office of  Refugee Resettlement in the Department of Health and Human Service, with an annual budget estimated at upwards of $12  billion if one includes Medicaid and welfare assistance. 

Carlqvist and Hedegaard  clearly believe that it is Denmark’s political leftist elite who are to blame. This  despite the number one rank in polls of  the Danish People’s Party that espouses an anti mass Muslim Immigration agenda.  They observe:

The Left can never forgive the “proletariat” for turning its back on the socialist project and voting for center-right parties. It needs a new proletariat — one that will never integrate into bourgeois society, and is as eager to overthrow it, as is the Left. And as long as the ideology of multiculturalism, post-nationalism, globalization and cultural relativism dominates the media (as is overwhelmingly the case in Denmark), few politicians will dare demand a halt to immigration.

So far, the going is great. A survey of immigrant voters from 2010 documented that if immigrants alone were to elect the Danish parliament, the Left would get 169 seats out of a total of 179.

It is hardly surprising that the Left views a further mass influx of people from the third world with equanimity, not to say enthusiasm. The problem is that this kind of immigration is bound to wreck the very welfare state the Left claims to defend, and that its demise is not far off.

However, what leftist politician would dare jump ship and admit that 30 years of the “Open Door” has been a mistake?

The authors conclude.

Hardly a politician outside the Danish People’s Party will stand up and say that Denmark is the home of the Danes and has been so for more than a thousand years. Nor will they acknowledge that if Denmark is lost as a result of a crazed multicultural experiment, Danes will have no home and their language and culture will wither.

Recent signals from the center-right indicate that a shift may be under way. But it remains to be seen whether it is more than window dressing, intended to sway the voters before the parliamentary election later this year.

In any event, time is running out for the former democratic and cozy welfare state of Denmark.

Denmark’s self-inflicted Islamization that Qarlqvist and Hedegaard  describe constitutes a  rebuttal to Obama’s myopia  touting  superior American Muslim assimilation. Obama’s ‘assimilation’ of  Muslims is  the same multi-culturalism and mass immigration mindset that  allowed  Denmark’s leftists to let the barbarians in the gates.






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