Child sex abuse trial: Grooming gang guilty of 55 offences


From the Rotherham Advertiser and Sky News

THREE men and two women have been found guilty of 45 child sex abuse offences committed against 12 victims over a 16-year period. The jury in the Rotherham child sex exploitation trial today returned guilty verdicts on five out of seven defendants after more than three days of deliberations.

Arshid Hussain (40), of East Cowick in Goole, was convicted of 23 allegations including rape, assault, indecent assault and conspiracy to rape. He was found not guilty of five offences.

Arshid Hussain (pictured left) claims to be paraplegic, appeared from his bed at home via video link looking as if he was asleep.

The camera, initially pointed at his face, was moved as guilty verdicts against him were read out and sounds like crying could be heard. When all verdicts had been read Hussain’s bail was revoked and police officers were ordered to escort him to court.

Basharat Hussain (38), who was on remand, was convicted of 15 offences including indecency with a child, procuring a female for sex, indecent assault, rape, false imprisonment and threats to kill.

Qurban Ali (53), of Clough Road, Rotherham, was found guilty of conspiracy to rape but cleared of three other charges.

Younger sibling Bannaras Hussain, 36, pleaded guilty to 10 charges including rape, indecent assault and assault occasioning actual bodily harm at the beginning of the trial.

Karen MacGregor, 58, and Shelley Davies, 40, were found guilty of conspiracy to procure prostitutes and false imprisonment.

Brothers Sajid Bostan (38), of Sherwood Crescent, Rotherham, and Majid Bostan, of Ledsham Road, Broom, were both cleared of all the charges against them.

The 45 offences against took place mainly in Rotherham, but also spanned Sheffield, York, London and Blackpool and were committed between 1987 and 2003. 

Sentencing will be on Friday.

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