Compare and Contrast: Three Reports on the Charging of a Muslim Man Who Set Fire to An Aussie Bank and Wounded 26 People


It is quite instructive to compare the bleached-of-all-detail report that appeared online at our national news outlet’s website, with the reports published by the “Herald-Sun” and by the Melbourne “Age”.

First, the ABC’s Karen Percy.

“Man Charged Over Springvale Bank Fire”.

“A 21 year old man has been charged with 92 offences after a fire at a bank in Springvale in Melbourne’s south-east last year.

‘”Thirty-six people were injured during the fire (no: they were injured by the fire, which this “man” deliberately ignited in a crowded waiting room mainly filled with women and children – CM) at the Springvale Road branch on November 18 [2016].

‘The man faced Melbourne Magistrate’s Court this afternoon and was remanded in custody.

‘He has been charged with conduct endangering life, gross violence, recklessly causing serious injury, and criminal damage by fire.

‘Victorian arson and explosives squad detectives are reported to have questioned the man after he was released from hospital earlier today.

‘The man was badly burned after allegedly dousing himself with petrol as well as the floor of the bank.

It seems to me to be highly probable that he deliberately made himself into a ‘human fire-bomb’ with intent to kill, in the same sort of way as many similar persons have made themselves into human bombs by means of donning explosive vests, etc, and with the same intent… to “slay and be slain”.  But the information that causes me to consider that possibility is not supplied by the ABC.  – CM

‘Staff and customers were amongst those injured.

‘The man was remanded to appear in court on May 11.”

And so to the report from Mark Buttler, of the “Herald-Sun”.

‘Melbourne Bank Fire: Charges Laid Three Months After Arson Attack”.

Now go back and look at the ABC report, which primly refrained even from using the word “arson” or the word “attack”. – CM

‘Charges have been laid three months after an arson attack at a Melbourne bank.

“At”?? Was it not rather “on” or “in”? And the target of the attack was not the building but the people inside it. “An attempt to burn to death customers and staff inside a bank building”.   More words, of course, but that is what it was. – CM

“Nur Islam, 21, is facing 92 counts over the November 18 incident (sic: “incident”??? – attack – CM) at the Springvale branch of the Commonwealth Bank.

At least the ‘Herald-Sun’ lets us know the attacker’s all-too-revealing name.  “Nur Islam”.  That is: “[the] Light [of] Islam”.  “Light”, indeed… the whoomphf! of litres of petrol exploding into flame in a crowded waiting room.  – CM

‘Among the charges are counts of intentionally and recklessly causing serious injury, criminal damage by fire, conduct endangering life, and gross violence.

‘Mr Islam has been in hospital since the blaze on Springvale Road which left 26 people injured.

The Myanmar asylum seeker (this allows us to deduce that he is – or claims to be – one of those pooooor, poooor, ‘Rohingya’ Muslims that our press delights to represent as little suffering lambs, innocent victims of the horrible evil Buddhist oppressors – CM) suffered burns to 60 percent of his body after allegedly setting himself alight using flammable liquid.

The ‘flammable liquid’ being petrol from the local servo.  One may note, by the by, that although, in Tibet and in Pakistan, there have been cases of Infidels, Buddhist and Christian, setting themselves alight in desperate protest, they did not do so in the manner that  this Muslim man did, a manner guaranteed to endanger the lives of others. – CM

‘Mr Islam appeared briefly in the Melbourne Magistrates’ Court tonight after being charged by detectives from the arson and explosives squad.

‘He was remanded in custody to face court again on May 11.

‘The Springvale incident caused a highest-level emergency as authorities (and also quite a few level-headed and quick-thinking infidel bystanders – CM) rushed to help the dozens hurt in the mayhem.

‘Some of them are still recovering from their injuries.’

 Many could very easily have been killed. Or, to put it bluntly, murdered.  I have no doubt that Mr “Light of Islam”, this ‘asylum-seeker’ (who, once tried, and convicted – as he surely should be convicted – and sentence served, should be stripped of any humanitarian visa or residency status and given the boot right back to Burma, or perhaps to Muslim Bangladesh, where he properly belongs) intended that as many infidels as possible should be killed.  – CM

And now to the ‘Age’, Timna Jacks reporting, which essentially repeats the report as appearing in the Sun-Herald, but confirms our suspicions that this “Nur Islam” claims to be a “Rohingya”.

‘Man Faces 92 Charges Over Springvale Commonwealth Bank Fire”.

Note, by the by, that only the “Herald-Sun” used the word “Attack” in their headline, rather than the bland phrase “bank fire”  deployed by the ABC and the Age. – CM

‘A man has been charged three months after allegedly setting fire to a Commonwealth Bank in Springvale.

‘Nur Islam, a 21 year old man from Springvale, has been charged with 92 offences, including, conduct endangering life, criminal damage by fire, gross violence, intentionally causing serious injury, and recklessly causing serious injury.

“The Rohingya asylum seeker from Myanmar suffered severe burns after allegedly setting himself alight inside the Springvale Road bank branch at 11.30 am on November 18 2016.

‘He has been in hospital since (at vast Infidel Aussie expense – CM), but faced Melbourne Magistrates Court on Thursday afternoon, and was remanded to appear again on May 11.

‘Twenty-six people, including children, were injured in the fire”.

And all of them could have been killed, trapped inside the burning building,  if not for the quick thinking of first responders. 

This Bengali Muslim from Burma, styling himself a ‘Rohingya’ and claiming to be in need of asylum, should never have been admitted into Australia in the first place.  Whether he is the age he says he is, is also anybody’s guess; so many, many  Muslim males of military age have gained entry to western lands, of late, by claiming to be younger than they are.  This man, according to various reports that appeared at the time of the attack (which, by the by, took place on a Friday afternoon, a time much favoured by Muslims for engaging in mayhem), turned up in Australia in 2013 as an ‘unaccompanied minor’, which suggests to me that, like so many , many others he claimed to be “seventeen”.  Whether he was in fact seventeen, I doubt. – CM

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