CONFIRMED: Daily Mail Article BLOCKED In Sweden Due To Migrant Murder Court Case

According to Breitbart access to the articles in the Daily Mail about the men in Sweden pretending to be teenage boys to get accommodation in schools and children’s homes have been blocked in that country. So I’ll post the pictures and precis the reports here for our Scandinavian readers. 

An article on website of the Daily Mail newspaper (Mail Online) is being blocked in Sweden after the news outlet cast doubts on the age of the alleged migrant attacker currently on trial in the country following the stabbing of a 22-year-old asylum centre worker.

Earlier this week the Mail Online reported that the family of the deceased 22-year-old Alexandra Mezher had revealed that she told them before her death that some of the ages of the so-called “child” migrants in the asylum centre were suspicious to her. She said she was dealing with “big powerful guys” aged up to 24 years old.

That article reported Miss Mezher’s mother Chimene relating what her daughter told her about her work at the children’s centre.

Miss Mezher’s mother Chimene said ‘orphans’ at the centre often lied about their age. Mrs Mezher, 42, said: ‘Alexandra knew how to handle children including violent ones. But those she was working with were big powerful guys – she could see it in their eyes and their bodies.  A few were maybe under 18, but the rest were older, maybe 23 or 24.’

She said her psychology graduate daughter had been warned four hours before she started her last shift that a knife had been stolen from the kitchen, but nothing was apparently done.

Mrs Mezher said: ‘She said she had two from Somalia there, but never mentioned any trouble with them. Alexandra never said she was afraid of working there – I think she was protecting me, she did not want to scare me. But a friend from the centre called her four or five hours before she started work that day to say a knife had been stolen from the kitchen. I heard her talking.  No one was allowed to say anything to their bosses at that place, they were too frightened, so I don’t know if the missing knife was reported. The boss of the company has not even been here to see the family.’ 

Mother-of-four Mrs Mezher, who migrated from Lebanon 25 years ago, said: ‘Immigration has destroyed Sweden, they are coming in more than the country can accept. The kids that are coming here are criminal.’

Staff at the centre where the aid worker was stabbed in the back and thigh on Monday morning were allegedly ignored when they repeatedly warned a ‘serious’ incident would happen, it was claimed. 

A therapist at the shelter said: ‘The management was not listening. All staff complained they were extremely understaffed and often had to work alone. We [said] it was only a matter of time before something serious happened.’

Asylum centre inspectors recently wrote that supervisors had been warned ‘several times’ about cutbacks leading to staff being left alone, and Mrs Mezher yesterday vowed to sue those responsible. Patrick Sjogren, boss of HBV, the company that runs the centre, is a former wine company chairman also involved in internet poker. 

Last night Swedish police named their suspect – who is due in court today – but added in a statement: ‘The identity is not proven.’ Meanwhile, national police chief Dan Eliasson sparked controversy by expressing sympathy for the alleged attacker, saying: ‘Who knows what horrors he has been through?’

He said he was ‘distressed’ by the tragedy, but added: ‘Under what circumstances has he grown up? What is the trauma he carries? This entire immigration crisis shows how unfair life is in many parts of the world.’

The man duly appeared in court and the Daily Mail reported his appearance. The Mail has sent a team of reporters to Gothenburg to cover this case on the ground

Six-foot tall, the ‘child’ accused of murdering a Swedish aid worker appeared in court today. Somali-born Youssaf Khaliif Nuur, ?charged with murdering Alexandra Mezher, 22, towered over his translator as he walked into the courtroom in Gothenburg. I know boys genuinely aged 15 who are 6ft tall and tower over people. It isn’t his height that makes me think he is old – it is his features. 

Judge Henrik Andersson asked him: ‘Are you Youssaf Khaliif Nuur?’ and he nodded and said yes. 

He asked if he wanted to make a statement regarding the charges of murder and attempted murder, and his lawyer Nicklas Unger said: ‘My client does not want to express himself in any way regarding the charges.’

He said his client objected to being held in custody, but prosecutor Linda Viking argued he might abscond or interfere with evidence if he was bailed. The hearing then continued behind closed doors, and the alleged killer was ?later remanded into custody until February 11. 

Outside court prosecutor Linda Viking said: ‘The suspect has said he is 15 so that is what is charged as. But we are checking his date or birth and name to make sure they are accurate.’ She said he had arrived in Sweden last summer. Asked how he travelled, she said: ‘I can’t comment on that.’

A source close to the investigation told MailOnline: ‘Youssaf Khaliif Nuur is older than 15. You can see he has moustache and a beard. He shaves but you can see he has facial hair. He is between 16 and 20 I believe. He is from Somalia. He left Africa less than a year ago. He has only recently arrived in Sweden. He spoke the Somalian language very well,’ they added.

‘The murder started with an attack on another man,’ a source at Gothenburg Police told MailOnline today. ‘There was an argument between the suspect and another resident at the hostel. I don’t know the reason for the argument between the two residents. But in some way this woman got between them. She was trying to break up the fight. This lady [Alexandra Mezher] tried to separate them and told him [Youssaf Khaliif Nuur] to stop but he [allegedly] stabbed her.’ 

The source dismissed any suggestion that the killing had a sexual motive. He added murder suspect Youssaf Khaliif Nuur, 15, had complained of feeling ‘unwell’ the night before and had not slept at all in the hours before the alleged attack. The teenager is currently being held at a secure psychiatric hospital on the outskirts of Gothenburg. 

The Gothenburg Police source told MailOnline: ‘There was no sexual motive in the murder. This Somali man did not have a motive for the attack other than he was not feeling well. This lady tried to separate them and told him to stop but he stabbed her. The suspect had been up all night. He had said he was not feeling well the night before.’ 

It has been suggested that Nuur has psychological issues and had a breakdown in the hours before the attack and complained of hearing voices in his head. The source revealed: ‘The knifeman may have had some kind of breakdown. He may have suffered some trauma previously in his life.’ The source said he was heard pacing around his bedroom for most of the night before the attack at 8am on Monday.

Managers of the adolescent migrant centre should not have let Miss Mezher work the night shift on her own if they knew one of the residents was suffering a mental health breakdown, the Gothenburg Police source claimed. He told MailOnline: ‘If the management of the centre knew that one of the residents was not [mentally] well [they] should have got in extra staff to help her that night.’ 

The source, who has worked for Gothenburg Police for over 30 years, has detailed the ‘explosion in crime’ in the Swedish city since the country ‘threw open the doors’ to mass immigration. 

‘We have experienced an explosion in crime, particularly violent crime, since our politicians threw open the doors to immigrants from all over the world. I have worked in Gothenburg for over 30 years and I have never known anything like it.  The city always had a bit of trouble, but it was usually among people who were drunk and knew each other.

‘But now I will not let my children go into the city after 2pm and especially not at night. There are violent gangs roaming around the streets and the use of knives and other weapons have become normal, rather than a rarity as it used to be. 

‘There are 20 robberies in Gothenburg every day – usually with violence or the threat of violence. This week an 83-year-old lady had a gun put in her face when she was mugged on her way to play bingo. They got away with just 50 Kroner [about £4]. ‘In the summer there were mass shootings with lots of people killed, including a little girl.’

He added the city streets were now at the mercy of gangs of young men mainly from North Africa. The source revealed: ‘In the past couple of months we have noticed a dramatic increase in street robbery. This is a new phenomenon. They will do anything to get money – steal a person’s wallet, iPhone, jewellery. And then they will attack their victim and kick them half to death. Drug crime has gone through the roof. Every drug is available on the street nowadays, even in broad daylight. And when the police arrest someone nowadays the suspect often fights back – with a knife or a screwdriver. This is not something we have seen before.’ 

The Daily Mail later ran an article on other young men claiming to be in their mid teens who look MUCH older.

Examine the three ‘children’ in these pictures. One (left) is of Ahmad Farid, who claimed he was 16 but appears at least 18 or more in the snap in which he is laughing as he’s given a fluffy toy polar bear at a refugee reception centre. Ahmad appears to have hair on his chin, and his powerful physique can be seen under his shirt. 

The second (right) is of Saad Alsaud, reported to have been the fastest 14-year-old in Sweden, dwarfing schoolboys and girls as they join him for a run. He looks old enough to be the father of the children he is jogging with.

The other (above at report 2) shows a Somalian named Youssaf Khaliif Nuur who claims he is 15 though he is 6ft tall and, according to one unconfirmed source, shaves his beard and moustache.  He appeared in a Swedish court yesterday accused of stabbing a woman to death at a young migrants’ hostel on Monday.

The extraordinary pictures of the two Afghans, Ahmad and Saad, were published in the Swedish press, with Government approval, to show how enthusiastically this politically correct nation welcomes in orphaned young migrants.

But in the years that followed, the word has spread across Europe about how easy it is to be accepted as a child migrant in Sweden.  Now, the country has become overwhelmed with ‘unaccompanied minors’ in what critics suspect is a huge fraud. Of course, it is hard not to have sympathy for children or young teenagers who find themselves alone among the great migrant trek across Europe. But it is another matter for those who are older to tell cynical lies in order the take advantage of an ultra-liberal system.

Under Swedish human rights rules, migrants are not physically vetted so their age cannot be accurately assessed (even by measuring the size of their wrists or whether they have wisdom teeth), because such procedures are deemed intrusive, unfair and unreliable.

The scale of the crisis over how to treat both migrant children, and those who claim they are children, was revealed last autumn in Sweden when more than 8,000 — mainly from Syria, Afghanistan, Somalia and Iraq — arrived in one week: 1,716 said they were under 18 and thus ‘unaccompanied minors’. In the 12 months to the end of last year, the total of so-called minors had reached 33,250, many speaking only a smattering of English and almost none with a word of Swedish.

One social commentator named Merit Wager — an author and columnist on one of Sweden’s daily newspapers — claimed on her online blog in November that administrators at the immigration service had been ordered to ‘accept the claim that an applicant is a child if he does not look as if he is over 40’.

And in a leaked interview to a respected Right-leaning Scandinavian newspaper, Dispatch International, a supervisor in a migrants’ hostel had this to say: ‘Many of us are under state orders to keep quiet if we think someone is lying on their asylum application. But, the supervisors here talk to each other about the fact that many of the “children” are in fact adults.’ 

This leaves the politically correct Swedes having to accept the word of ‘child migrants’, because they cannot prove their age claims one way or the other. 

Struggling to find beds for the new arrivals, the mayor of Vimmerby, in south-east Sweden, promised to house them in spare rooms in old people’s homes. This policy, announced last October, was hurriedly reversed ten days ago. Mayor Tomas Peterson said it had been discovered the migrants were not children at all, but ‘men in their late teens’. They had, the mayor said, caused ‘serious incidents’ by abusing the old people, throwing furniture and computers out of windows, playing loud music late at night, and showing no respect for the elderly.

A year ago, Swedish television reported that an Afghan claiming to be aged 15 had beaten and threatened staff and other residents at a home for young migrants. He choked a 14-year-old, pushing his face into a bowl of ice cream and tried to molest female migrants at the same home, scaring some so much that they ran away. He, of course, is apparently the same age as the Somalian accused of stabbing a woman to death in a migrant hostel this week.

The spate of disturbing incidents has forced Swedish politicians to think again about age testing, although no decision is expected for six months.

Over in neighbouring Norway, a more robust system of checking migrants’ ages is now in place. Dental examinations — which are reliable indicators of the biological maturity of growing children revealed nine out of ten ‘underage’ migrants were lying, and turned out to be older than 18.


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