‘Congratulations to all Muslims’ Sick gloating of Islamist fanatics over shopkeeper death


From the Express

SICK Islamist fanatics gloated over the death of a peaceful Muslim shopkeeper allegedly murdered by a fellow Muslim after wishing Christians a happy Easter, it emerged today.

Mr Shah, 40, was stabbed to death outside his shop just four hours after wishing friends and neighbours in Glasgow a “very happy Easter” online. 

Police have said the killing was religiously motivated and have charged Tanveer Ahmed, 32, from Bradford in Yorkshire with murder. 

He appeared before Glasgow Sheriff Court earlier yesterday and made no plea. 

One of the sick messages, which contains a link to a news story about the killing, said: “Congratulations to all Muslims.” It was posted on the Anti Qadianiat (Tahafuz Khatme Nubuwwat) Facebook page and has been liked 54 times with two likes coming from the UK – one from a web user in Leeds and one from Birmingham.

It has also emerged that hardline Muslims used two videos originally posted online by Mr Shah to promote peace as part of a sick attack against his inclusive Ahmadi strand of Islam.

One group, called Khatme Nubuwwat, uploaded Mr Shah’s films to video hosting site Daily Motion in November 2014 along with derogatory descriptions of the peace-loving shopkeeper. 

The group titled one of the films “Asad Shah False Prophet part 1”. And it titled the other “Asad Shah False Prophet part 2”.

The revelation is the first indication that Mr Shah’s messages of peace and religious inclusion may have riled Muslim groups opposed to Armadi thinking prior to his “happy Easter” post last week. The Khatme Nubuwwat organisation has offices in London and its website states it exists to “educate” Muslims about the “reality” of the Ahmadiyya community, which it does not agree with.

Earlier today police in Scotland seized an Uber taxi, which is believed to have transported the alleged killer to the scene, for forensic testing. 

Mr Shah was killed 4 hours after his Easter greeting was posted. Bradford to Glasgow in 4 hours is very quick. I believe the decision to murder him was already contemplated.

The man arrested is Tanveer Ahmed aged 32 from Bradford. It is a farly common name; he is not the same man but may be confused with other men of that name but from different towns and of different ages who have been in the news the last few years for various reasons.

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