Cowes teenager allegedly researched Isle of Wight Festival for potential Islamic State-inspired terror attack

From On the Wight and The Island Echo

The Isle of Wight is lovely, off the south coast, with The Solent between the island and Portsmouth. I used to go there on holiday when I was a child. It’s popular for holidays because of its olde world charm, and more community minded way of life, reminiscent of the 60s. But nowhere is safe from the modern world.

A 15-year-old boy from the Isle of Wight who allegedly planned to carry out a Islamic state-inspired terror attack at the Isle of Wight Festival, but was foiled by the FBI, has appeared in court in London (yesterday -Monday) charged with preparing an act of terrorism.

The teenager, who is currently legally protected from being identified, appeared at Westminster Magistrates Court in the Capital.

The unidentified male is accused of preparing terrorist acts under Section 5 of the Terrorism Act 2006 – a charge he denies.

…the FBI. ..claimed he was planning to attack a non-believer who he thought had insulted Islam.

Magistrates heard today that the teen, who is said to support the ISIS ideology, had started planning a terror attack with the Isle of Wight Festival as the target. He had carried out research on weaponry and had even wrote a goodbye note to his family.

The court also heard that the youth had carried out online research into a location to commit an attack, whilst also looking at firearms, vehicles and a stab vest. A knife was found in his rucksack when he was arrested.

He will next appear at the Old Bailey in London on 19th August

The original Isle of Wight Festival was set in for the summers 1968/9/70. Some believe it was inspired by. and intended to be an British Woodstock. But it actually pre-dates Woodstock.  Bob Dylan and the Band played there in 1969, which meant he wasn’t available for Woodstock, which started the day he left for England and the IOW.  The 1970 festival is still spoken of in awe, Jimi Hendrix, The Doors, The Who, Leonard Cohen to name a few. I was too young. 

The Festival was revived in 2002; it took place last month with about 50,000 people attending. These days it was some of my daughter’s favourite bands playing, opened with a display by the Red Arrows.  I am now too old.


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