DA: ‘No doubt’ that Harrisburg gunman was targeting police ~ FBI probing possible terrorism


From the Pittsburg Post-Gazette and The Hill

HARRISBURG, Pa. — A prosecutor says there’s “no doubt” that a gunman who fired at police in several locations in Pennsylvania’s state capital, wounding one of them, was targeting police officers.

Dauphin County District Attorney Ed Marsico says 51-year-old Ahmed Aminamin El-Mofty fired at a capital police officer shortly after 4 p.m. Friday and later at a state trooper, wounding her. Mr. Marsico says both officers were in marked vehicles.

Mr. El-Mofty was killed during a shootout with local and state police. Authorities say he was armed with two handguns. The trooper struck is “doing well” and expected to make a full recovery.

Dauphin County District Attorney Ed Marsico said Friday that the investigation would determine any potential links between the shootings and terrorism, according to ABC News. Marsico said that El-Mofty had recently returned to the U.S. from a trip to the Middle East. . . but the motive for the attack isn’t yet known. Marsico asked for information from the public about Mr. El-Mofty. 

The FBI and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (ATF) are probing whether (the) string of shootings in Harrisburg, Penn., on Friday constituted an act of terror

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  1. I observe that he carried out this attack on a *Friday*. The day favoured above all others for Muslim acts of violent aggression against non-Muslims.

    I also observe that he was *51* years old. A man of full age; he cannot be represented as some hot-headed impressionable yooof.

    This was Jihad.

    What mosque did he attend? It should be raided and searched. Indeed, it should have *been* raided and searched the instant his identity was known – draw a circle of twenty miles wide around his usual place of residence and then surprise-raid every mosque within that circle.

    Then find out who all his relatives are, within the USA. Then find out what mosques are near *them* – say, within twenty miles radius – and raid *those*.

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