Demo eve: Telford tomorrow – release of investigative documentary The Rape of Britain

A few days ago I mentioned this forthcoming event in Telford in Shropshire (an industrial New Town about 35 miles north of Birmingham) tomorrow when touching on the amount of cars set ablaze in town recently.  One of them belonged to T0mmy R0bins0n, others to witnesses and their families, victims of  the Muslim rape gangs who blight Telford and other towns. At first the police denied that the arson incidents are linked; then they admitted they may well be.

I hear that preparations are well ahead for tomorrow’s march, rally and release of the documentary, the Rape of Britain.

Details of time and muster were released earlier this week via You Tube. While I have been preparing this post they have been removed.  I now cannot be certain that I have a live stream to follow tomorrow to watch events albeit from a distance.  I will make inquiries of some that I know.

Meanwhile Hope not Hate and Stand up to Racism and the local press are making their usual noises, having backed themselves into a position where in order to challenge their bete noir (T0mmy) they are, in effect, supporting the rapists and abusers of hundreds of under-age girls.  I do remember that back in 2014 very few turned out to counter the EDL in Rotherham for that very reason. We shall see how many of the new generation are willing to stick up for criminals and abusers in the name of ‘diversity’.

This is a quick sample of crimes that girls have suffered in and around Telford.


And the latest report of a burnt out vehicle from the Shropshire Star

The incident, which took place at The Crescent in Donnington, on January 14, is one of a series of car fires across the town over the last few weeks. Officers have said they do not believe the previous incidents, which included Merlin Coppice, Thornton Park Lane, Barnes Corner in Leegomery, and The Smithfields in Newport, are connected.

The force has also been investigating after a car belonging to the far-right activist Tommy Robinson was set on fire outside the Whitehouse Hotel in Wellington on January 2.

There may be developments overnight; we’ll see what the morning brings.



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