Despite Non-Stop Propaganda Puffery from Media, the Academy and Officialdom, Many Aussies Are Healthily Wary of Islam

As was discovered by some earnest researchers, recently.  

Here is Rita Panahi, a columnist in the Herald-Sun, writing quite sensibly on the subject.

“Concern Over Muslim Immigration Does Not Make Us Racist”.

Yep. – CM

‘Australians are divided on the issue of Muslim Immigration.

“It should surprise no-one that Australians are divided about the virtues of Muslim immigration.

‘Research released today [October 14 2015 – CM] reveals that close to one in two Australians consider an increase in Muslim migration as “bad” or “very bad” for the nation, while just 8 percent believe it has been “good” or “very good” for the country.

‘While 42 percent of the 1349 people polled by the Australian Institute of Progress indicated they didn’t think the increased intake was neither negative nor positive.

That is badly worded, what this seems to mean is that 42 percent of hose polled were at present neutral or undecided on the topic, as opposed to 48 percent – those opposed to an increase in Muslim immigration – who have made up their minds.  And what is clear is that very few are actively in support of having more Muslims come into the country.  Right now, a battle is being fought out in the trenches of social media, and around dinner tables and water coolers, all over Australia, as those who have figured out that Islam is dangerous are trying to educate and awaken the neutrals or the undecideds.  All they have to do is bring just a few more people over to the ‘actively opposed’ camp, for the political landscape to start looking interesting.  – CM

“There is a very strong feeling that immigrants from Islamic countries are part of a culture war pitting their way of life and beliefs against ours”, the report says.

Which is in fact the case.   In other words: nearly half of those who were surveyed have woken up to the nature of Jihad. – CM

‘Of course some will be eager to claim the survey results prove that Australians are racist, but nothing could be further from the truth.

‘First, let’s dispel the nonsense that Islam is a race; it is a religion, and it is plainly absurd to try to paint people as diverse as the Sudanese, Persians, and Bosnians as a single race.

‘Further, there is no country that is as proudly diverse, welcoming and fair-minded as the lucky country and our neighbour, New Zealand.  It’s why migrants from around the world, of all races and religions, are desperate to call Australia home.

‘It is undeniable that recent terror events (recent Jihad attacks and attempted or plotted attacks – CM) have many questioning the value of migration that introduces centuries-old hatreds to our peaceful and secular land.

‘The reality is that radical Islam and Western values cannot coexist peacefully and that extremists who despise our way of life have no place in modern Australia.

It’s not just ‘radical’ Islam and ‘extremists’. It’s Islam, and Muslims, period. – CM

‘There exists a minority of troublemakers who seek t change our free societies into the type of place they fled from, and, as we have seen around the world, it only takes one radicalised madman to cause wide-scale mayhem.

Time for a Correction.   “There are many within the bosom of the Ummah who intend to change our free societies into the type of place from which they came, and, as we have seen around the world, it takes only one Muslim going Jihad to cause wide-scale mayhem.”  That’s better. – CM

‘Australians are inherently inclusive, and have no interest in marginalising the Muslim community, the overwhelming majority of whom are law-abiding citizens who abhor their religion being hijacked by fanatics.

Speak for yourself, Rita.  Aussies, however, are gradually beginning to figure out that the Muslim community segregates itself and that the so-called ‘peaceful majority’ might not be as peaceful as it appears. And quite a lot of Aussies, having done due diligence and consulted the founding texts of Islam and assorted Old Books containing un-PC wisdom, and compared the contents thereof, with observable facts in the present day, have come to realize that the ‘fanatics’ are not ‘hijacking’ Islam at all; they are, on the contrary, practising classic, historical, traditional Islam, the devout Imitatio Mohammedi.  – CM

‘Those who express concerns about the level of Muslim migration should not be simply condemned as xenophobic red-necks.

The determination of some among the chattering classes to dissociate acts of terror from the religion of the perpetrators does nothing but insult the intelligence of the community.

Yes.  Many among the Australian Infidel community, as I have just pointed out, have been doing their homework, and taking a squiz at the Enemy’s Books.  And reacting with understandable and rational alarm to what they find there.  We grow rather annoyed when people keep on trying to tell us that two and two do not make four. – CM

Whoever comes to this country must be capable of assimilating with the wider population, and embracing our cherished values of equality, freedom, and democracy.

Well, that’s that, then; no more Muslim immigration, period. – CM

‘We can celebrate diversity without compromising what makes Australia a uniquely cohesive multicultural society.”

Thus Rita Panahi.

My advice: let’s just leave the Ummah or Mohammedan Mob out of the mix altogether – that Mob which is bent on imposing its own grim monoculture worldwide by force and/ or by fraud, willy-nilly – and the rest of us will rub along okay. As evinced by the late Curtis Cheng, with his anglo first name and Chinese surname, his Hong Kong upbringing and education and culturally-Buddhist practice, his seventeen years of faithful labour as a police accountant, and his two ethnically-Chinese thoroughly-Australian children, one of whom is a practising Christian involved with a church renewal movement.

There were a lot of Comments to Ms Panahi’s article. Click on the link and have a look; there were plenty of very sensible people posting there, which rather bears out the findings of the study mentioned in the article.  A couple of the commenters stood out.  Here’s “Mark“: “When we went into East Timor (to help the nascent country get back on its feet after it had been worked over for years by invading and occupying Muslim Indonesia – CM) the army reserve barracks that I was based at in Hawthorn was fire-bombed the night after the announcement was made.  That barracks was less than 500 m from the largest Indonesian Muslim student body in Australia.  I doubt it was a coincidence.  At least a dozen soldiers were assaulted on the way to and from work, and after one had his car rolled over at a 7/11 (convenience store – CM) with him in it, we were told not to wear our uniforms outside of work.  That is where they (the Muslims – CM) will stand. We are the enemy. Get used to it.”  And here’s another, one ‘Greg’ – “I lived and worked in Saudi Arabia for 14 years, closely working with Saudi nationals.  After that experience, and many many casual conversations, I am totally against bringing Muslims to Australia, as I was countlessly told that the Koran forbids them to live in peace with non-Muslims.


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