Dewsbury teens flee country to Syria

Good old Dewsbury again. From the Dewsbury Reporter and The Times

A brother of the UK’s youngest convicted terrorist is believed to have fled Dewsbury to join Islamic State fighters in Syria. The Times has reported that teenager Hassan Munshi – a younger brother of Hammaad Munshi – disappeared from the town with a friend last week.

It is understood that Hassan, an apprentice, and his friend Talha Asmal, a student who was a near neighbour of the Munshis and is also thought to be 17, have been missing for several days. Their families grew worried and contacted police when they were unable to make contact with their mobile phones. Talha is believed to have told his family that he would be away for a few days on a school trip.

The Munshis are understood to have believed that Hassan was not at risk of being groomed online by Islamist radicals because close checks were kept on his use of the internet.  

Hammaad Munshi, of Greenwood Street, Savile Town, was 15 when he was arrested by police in 2006. Officers found instructions for making explosives including napalm and grenades hidden in his bedroom. Police also found a “how to kill” guide during the search and two bags of ball bearings – often used as shrapnel by suicide bombers – in one of his pockets. The Westborough High School pupil was found guilty in 2008 when he was 18 and jailed for two years

The brothers’ grandfather, Yakub Munshi, a revered Islamic scholar in Dewsbury, was the driving force behind the creation of the town’s first Sharia court and is the head of a mosque at which members of the families prayed last night.

Frankly with the goings on in Dewsbury, and especially Saville Town, HQ of Tablighi Jamaat, hometown of Mohammad Sidique Khan, leader of the massacre of Londoners on 7th July 2005, a boy does not need the internet to be radicalised. Jihad is mainstream in Dewsbury.


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