Digital Money Plus Electric Cars Equals Fascist America

by Roger L. Simon

The administrative state is moving faster to cement its totalitarian rule over the United States of America than we can to keep pace.

They are doing this because they realize the majority of our people oppose their wishes, but if they are able to impose them by fiat before that opposition forms and reacts, most people will eventually go along. Unfortunately, it’s human nature for many.

This Passover, I had a telling reminder when I learned for the first time that only an estimated 20 percent of the Jews left Egypt during the Exodus. The other 80 percent chose to remain in the comfort of what they knew—slavery. (These figures come from the medieval French rabbi Rashi, one of the most revered Talmudic scholars.)

Our slavery comes in an electric form. Only a few days ago, the following was announced in The New York Times (which we today learned has become a reality):

“The Biden administration is planning some of the most stringent auto pollution limits in the world, designed to ensure that all-electric cars make up as much 67 percent of new passenger vehicles sold in the country by 2032, according to two people familiar with the matter.”

Currently, the same article reports, they are around 5.8 percent.

This information basically coincides with the announcement by the Federal Reserve Bank of the new FedNow payments system to debut in July. As CNBC explains it, “The system will allow bill payments, money transfers, and other consumer activities to move more rapidly and at lower cost.”

Oh, good. They add: “Some Fed officials say the program even could supplant the need for a central bank digital currency.”

Note the use of the word “could.” More likely, this really is a big step toward a central bank digital currency.

Simultaneously their overlords at NBC inform us “DeSantis and RFK Jr. misconstrue Fed’s digital plans in warning of government overreach.”

Apparently, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, erroneously in the network’s view, alleged that digital currency would enable the government to block the purchase of a rifle or “too much gas.”

Of course, it could. But NBC gives away the real story—most likely inadvertently—in one sentence:

“The Fed is exploring the idea to keep up with countries that have moved to implement their own digital currencies, such as China.”

“Such as,” indeed. I guess it’s okay for U. S. government agencies to emulate the Chinese Communist Party these days. We have to compete, after all, even if that competition leads us into being communists ourselves.

I take heart, however, that putative presidential candidates from both parties, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. as a Democrat and DeSantis as a Republican, are vociferously objecting.

Kennedy actually has been protesting digital currency for some time. Only now that he is about formally to declare for the presidency are they taking notice.

Another presidential candidate who has made a strong objection to digital currency is Vivek Ramaswamy who, being a tech entrepreneur himself, may have more inside knowledge of the dangers. Former President Donald Trump also is opposed.

Regarding the potential imposition of electric cars that the NY Times is so giddy about, Ramaswamy also has been notably critical of what he calls the “climate cult.” This resonates because “climate change” is indeed a type of mass formation psychosis, instigated as it is by the cult leaders who warn the masses endlessly, extending the date as deadlines continue to pass, that climate armageddon is inevitable.

For his part, Elon Musk has told many truths but he has omitted an important one. While the Tesla might be a cool piece of tech and a great status symbol, the electric car is of marginal, at best, benefit to the environment.

I wonder to what degree he has read the many books and articles by Bjorn Lomborg on the subject that explains this in detail. Lomborg also notes that the small degree of warming that has taken place has been of great benefit to agriculture in Africa, where starvation and malnutrition are considerably more significant problems than they are in Silicon Valley.

What the electric car and digital currency share is the obvious—power can be turned on and off at will by the government.

Or other governments, for that matter. Imagine what would happen in the event of an electromagnetic pulse attack. We’d all be stuck. No money and hardly any movement.  Soon enough, we’d be back in the Middle Ages, without the help of the wise and more experienced Rashi.

It’s interesting in that regard, at least according to the NY Times, that the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is pushing for “all-electric” cars and not some version of a hybrid.

With a hybrid, the capacity to move with a reserve tank of gas still exists in the event of a shut-off, either by our own government or another. It’s as if they want to foreclose that as well.

Caveat emptor.

First published in the Epoch Times.


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