Do Republicans Have the Guts Really to Take on Google?

by Roger L. Simon

Axios had the … scoop!

The Republican National Committee is suing Alphabet Inc.’s Google “for allegedly putting its campaign emails in the spam folders of its millions of users.”

The RNC claims that Google has been doing this for 10 months, throttling their emails and costing the Republican Party a fortune in campaign donations, especially at the ends of months when they are usually most successful. They also say they have been in discussions with the search company for months to work this out, to no avail.

I wouldn’t doubt any of it but compared to what Google does and has been doing in a host of areas for years through their opaque and ever-changing algorithms, this is relatively small potatoes.

The timing of the suit comes, not surprisingly, just weeks before the midterm elections. And why not? Both sides are looking for an edge.

Google, needless to say, denies culpability. Their spokesperson Jose Castenada provided the statement.

“As we have repeatedly said, we simply don’t filter emails based on political affiliation. Gmail’s spam filters reflect users’ actions. We provide training and guidelines to campaigns, we recently launched an FEC-approved pilot for political senders, and we continue to work to maximize email deliverability while minimizing unwanted spam.”

Well, as long as the Federal Election Commission approves.

Meanwhile, Alphabet Inc. stock went up 1.16 percent or 0.94 percent, depending on which offering you preferred, on the day the suit was announced.

The good news for Republicans, however, is that recent polls are showing them taking over the House of Representatives and quite possibly the Senate after the Nov. 8 election.

The suit, win or lose, will be nothing more than a gnat on Google’s wings. But the election, the way it looks now, will be an opportunity.

For years, the GOP has been whining about the unrelenting bias in Google, Facebook, and Twitter, the first two at least, more powerful with their global reach than The New York Times or NBC ever were.

Google, far more than any other single entity, determines what humanity thinks is true about current events and knowledge in general. The platform continues to filter and refine its left-wing ideology through artificial intelligence, brainwashing most of the globe with a subtlety never seen in history.

But Republican legislators never do anything about it other than making speeches.

At least Sen. Josh Hawley (R-MO) wrote a book that did well on Amazon—“The Tyranny of Big Tech.”

Will they do anything substantive if given a two-house majority?

Yes, they would undoubtedly face a presidential veto, but they could at least put forth a warning that with a Republican president in 2024, things might be different, very different. It would also strike justifiable fear in the hearts of the “woke” capitalists running major corporations such as Disney and Coca-Cola.

Skeptics—those lovers of conventional wisdom— remind us that Big Tech and Big Pharma are the biggest donors to political campaigns, Democrat and Republican, and, since money is the mother’s milk in politics, nothing can be done.

And so far they have been proven to be correct.

But wait for Nov. 8.

As I type this, I am watching on my office monitor as Donald Trump speaks in Robstown, Texas, to a huge crowd that, in response to a small group of protestors, suddenly broke out in “The Star-Spangled Banner.” I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a spontaneous display of patriotism. Things are changing.

If not now, when.

First published in the Epoch Times.


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