Doncaster former guardsman Albert Chambers, 99, survived fighting the Nazis – now he’s survived coronavirus


From the Doncaster Free Press

Doncaster pensioner Albert Chambers has shown he’s still made of strong stuff at the age of 99 – by fighting off Covid-19.

Former guardsman Albert, who was wounded during the war and spent three years in a prisoner of war camp, is ready to leave hospital fit and well after winning his battle with Coronavirus this week.

Albert, of Clay Lane, who will be 100 in July, says he’s ‘a very lucky man’ to have received treatment on Hazel Ward, part of Tickhill Road Hospital – which is run by Rotherham Doncaster and South Humber NHS Foundation Trust (RDaSH).

Albert received treatment at Doncaster Royal Infirmary, before being admitted to Hazel Ward for rehabilitation. But he soon started showing signs of Covid-19 and was quickly tested with results showing he had the virus.

Albert, a big Liverpool Football Club fan, who received oxygen to help him through the virus, said: “I had a fall at home around three weeks ago. My neighbour helped me and I soon found out I had broken my arm. When I get home I’m going to tell all of my neighbours how marvellous the nurses are here. I want to say ‘thank you very much’ to them. I appreciate every bit of what they have done for me. They couldn’t have been any better. I’ve been well kept and well looked after.”

Paige Lax, RDaSH nurse who helped to care for Albert, said: “Albert has been a wonderful patient. He’s fought to get better. He wanted to get back home. He’s pretty amazing.”

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