Ex-Boxer Anthony Small ‘urged Muslims to carry out attacks in the name of Islam


From the Daily Mail 

A former boxing champion encouraged Muslims to purchase handguns and shoot ‘the sons of monkey peoples’, a jury heard. Anthony Small, 36, of Camberwell, south London, took to YouTube to tell Muslims to hijack cars and carry out terror attacks in the name of Islam, the Old Bailey was told.

In an alleged seven and a half minute rant including references to multinationals like Burger King and McDonalds, he said the choice was ‘either to accept the flame grilled burger, or we are going to flame grill you from the sky’.

Small, who once appeared on a BBC Two documentary called Muslim’s Like US, claimed he wished to see a day when ‘tyrants’ are removed and ‘we see a day when the Muwahideen then go to conquer the White House all the way in America and Ten Downing Street’, prosecutors said. The video, posted on YouTube on 12 September was titled ‘Eid message: too many hajjis not enough muwahideed’,

Small, also known as Abdul Haqq, became British and Commonwealth light middleweight champion in 2009, but quit the ring a year later because it clashed with his religious beliefs. 

Karen Robinson, prosecuting, said: “…the defendant’s words were chosen carefully and knew full well their meaning and their meaning in the context by which they were delivered by him.

‘The general translation of that word – muwahideen, the plural of muwahhid – is those who practise true monotheism, the belief that there is only one God. However, the term is also used by Islamic terrorist groups (and their supporters) primarily those who stress that they are waging violent jihad to create a world ruled solely by the Sharia. The defendant makes a clear call to action against the West . . .He was making a clear call to action to his fellow Muslims…”

In the video, shown to the jury today Small said: “…Forget occupy Wall Street occupy St Paul’s Cathedral or any of the Arab uprisings. Three million Muslims saying we are going nowhere until these tyrant apostate rulers are removed along with their Starbucks and their McDonalds, the Hilton hotel as well. 

‘I am not calling for you to boycott Starbucks or McDonalds instead buy Israeli made Desert Eagles cock them back and let them go in the sons of monkeys peoples. In matter of fact hijack an American made Humvee and stick a black flag over the USA eagle.

‘So soon there will be no more airstrikes in the name of democracy, while they drop bombs that are lethal instead it will be us coming to them with Islam and the Sharia and teach them there is no interfaith because tawheed and shirk will never be equal’. Tawheed is the true Islamic faith, shirk is specifically assigning a partner to Allah (eg Christ, God’s Son, the Trinity in general, Hindu polytheism etc) or anything except orthodox islam. The right kind of Islam.)

He denies one count of encouraging terrorism on 12 September 2016. The trial continues. 

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