EXCLUSIVE Fury as Rotherham grooming gang member enjoys stroll in the sunshine just miles from scene of his crimes after he was released from prison

A member of a Rotherham grooming gang has been pictured for the first time as he happily enjoys his freedom just a few miles from the scene of his sickening crimes.

The presence of Qurban Ali, 59, on the streets of north east Sheffield has outraged one of the victims of the paedophile ring which he was part of.

The former taxi firm boss was seen strolling around only five miles away from his old haunts in nearby Rotherham.

MailOnline revealed exclusively last month how Ali had become the first major grooming gang member to be freed early last year after serving half of his ten year jail sentence.

Sammy Woodhouse, 37, who was sexually abused by Ali’s nephew Arshid Hussain, said she was sickened that he had been allowed to return to South Yorkshire. They shouldn’t be relocated to other cities either to endanger young girls; at least they are known in Yorkshire for what they are. The solution, as we no longer have capital punishment, is removal of citizenship and deportation in every case where such is viable.   

Ali was jailed in February 2016, alongside three of his nephews, after being convicted of conspiracy to rape at Sheffield Crown Court, but was cleared of three other charges including rape.

His nephew Arshid who was the group’s ringleader known as ‘Mad Ash’ was jailed for 35 years for 23 serious child sexual exploitation crimes between 1987 and 2003 including three rapes and 11 indecent assaults.

Arshid’s brothers Basharat and Bannaras were also was jailed for 25 years and 19 years respectively for similar crimes.

MailOnline saw Ali wearing sunglasses, a white skull cap and a traditional shalwar kameez loose fitting white top over grey jogging pants as he emerged from commercial premises. The bearded sex offender was also seen walking down the road in his skull cap and a matching while shalwar kameez top and trousers.

Ali refused to comment when he was questioned by a MailOnline reporter. He said simply: ‘I’m not going to say anything’ before a younger man who was with him, began shouting ‘So what?’

I don’t believe in starvation rations in prison, but a vigorous regime of useful labour wouldn’t go amiss from the looks of him (right)


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