EXCLUSIVE: ISIS now calls for jihadists to slaughter British Muslim IMAMS


In the latest issue of its propaganda magazine Dabiq, ISIS calls on its jihadi followers to arm themselves with “knives, guns and explosives” and kill anyone who disagrees with them – including Islamic leaders called imams.

The group said “true” Muslims are prepared to wage war and kill while waging jihad – and anyone not prepared to do so is a “kaffir” or non-believer.

In a chapter called “Kill the Imams of kaffir in the west”, the magazine said: “How can Muslims living in the West who claim to have surrendered themselves to Allah, completely accepting His rule alone, stand idly as these imams of kaffir continue to spread their poison from atop their pulpits?

“One must either take the journey to dar-al-Islam, joining the ranks of the mujahid?n therein, or wage jihad by himself with the resources available to him (knives, guns, explosives, etc.) to kill the crusaders and other disbelievers and apostates, including the imams of kaffir, to make an example of them, as all of them are valid – rather, obligatory – targets.

The group has issued a list of names of Imams it has singled out as being “kaffir”, however Express.co.uk has chosen not to reveal this list. Express.co.uk has contacted the Muslim Council of Britain and is awaiting a response.

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