Family of Tube terror accused called in police three weeks before Leytonstone attack


Here we go. He was a good man but recently he has become mentally ill . . . From the Telegraph. 

The family of the terror suspect accused of the London Underground knife attack raised concerns to police three weeks ago over his mental health, The Telegraph can disclose.

Relatives of Muhaydin Mire, 29, had growing fears over his behaviour and asked the Metropolitan Police whether officers needed to intervene, it is understood.

Scotland Yard admitted it had been in contact with a family member before Mire allegedly (allegedly? He did it in front of a dozen witnesses – there are photographs all over the interweb – I’m all for innocent until proven guilty but sometimes you have to face facts) knifed a passenger at Leytonstone Underground station, shouting “this is for Syria”. 

The family is understood to have told officers they wanted Mire committed under the Mental Health Act. . . However, the Met Police claimed ?in a statement sent to the Telegraph that “there was no mention of radicalisation”. 

Mire was interviewed by mental health specialists over the weekend and is undergoing ongoing assessments while awaiting a court appearance at the Old Bailey.

Mohamed Mire told how his brother came to Britain when he was 12 from Somalia and went to school in Camden, north London. “He was a good boy and he loved football. As far as I know he loved education, he wanted to be a computer scientist,” he told Channel 4 news. “It didn’t work out for him. He got in with the wrong people.” He said that his brother developed mental health problems after smoking cannabis. 

“He was diagnosed by a doctor and treated in 2007 for paranoia and [treated] in hospital for three months.” Mohamed said that his brother had been working as an uber driver, but in August this year his mental health worsened once again. “And then I decide to move him out of the country so I called my mum [who lives in Somalia] and she told me to take him out the country to help him out. So I decide to book tickets for him this Sunday.”

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