Fentanyl in California

by Gary Fouse

Recently, I had lunch with some active-duty DEA agents. (I am retired from DEA.) During our conversation, the topic turned to the fentanyl epidemic that is killing hundreds of Americans every day. In response, DEA has instituted a program in which agents assist local police in investigating fentanyl deaths in an effort to identify and prosecute the dealer who furnished the drug to the victim. These cases would be tried in federal courts.

DEA’s website has an overview of how the program works.

In addition, many states are seeking to enhance their own penalties for fentanyl pushers. Unfortunately, a similar bill in California, which would provide a warning to a convicted fentanyl dealer that a repeat offense that resulted in death would make the dealer liable to up to life in prison, is not making any headway in Sacramento. This would be similar to a current California law in which previously-convicted drunk drivers involved in a subsequent drunk driving offense that resulted in someone’s death could be subject to 2nd-degree murder charges.

Unfortunately, even though the California fentanyl bill was drafted in a bi-partisan manner, Sacramento is under the firm control of Gavin Newsom and the Democrats. The bill has stalled it is highly unlikely it will pass.

Most illicit fentanyl in the US comes from Mexico, produced using precursor chemicals smuggled in from China, mislabeled as other chemicals, and commonly passed through by Mexican Customs with little to no real verification.

Thus, like so many other problems in California like crime, homelessness, sanctuary cities, etc. the powers that be in Sacramento choose to do nothing. Meanwhile, Governor Newsom goes gallivanting around the country, visiting red states, and telling them they should follow the example of California, a state falling into ruin under the liberal rule of Newsom and Democrat mayors in places like Los Angeles and San Francisco. Newsom has designs on being the next president so he can ruin the US like he is ruining California (or at least finish what Biden started).

But Newsom is no worse than our current administration in Washington. What is Biden doing about the border with Mexico, where fentanyl crosses into the US every day? Virtually nothing. Take away the issue of violence along our border, illegal immigrants, human trafficking, etc., the fentanyl issue alone is sufficient reason to secure the border.


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  1. How many fentanyl purveyor recidivists would you have if you had a ‘ONE strike and you’re in prison for life with no parole’ penalty
    How many innocent lives would be saved by ending misuse? Who cares?

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