‘Foreign Men’ Blamed After Mass Sex Assault At Music Festival, Youngest Victim Just 12 Years Old


From Breitbart London

Swedish police have received 35 complaints from young women after “foreign young men” went on an apparent two day rampage at a popular music festival, sexually assaulting young girls they found there.

The actual number of girls attacked during the weekend festival are thought to be much higher, as within many of the 35 reports received by police, there are thought to be multiple complainants. Police started to receive reports from young women during the Kalstad ‘Putte i Parken’ (Party in the Park) on Friday and Saturday night,reports Svenska Dagbladet, with 24 received during the festival and another 11 coming afterward.

Early reports in Sweden’s mainstream press, including the best-selling AftonBladetnewspaper simply identified the assailants as “unknown males”, however as victims and witnesses have come forward a clear picture of systematic abuse by migrants males has emerged.

The paper described how she had visited with six young friends — five of whom were also molested by what it calls “foreign youths”. The young woman said: “A guy ran his hand between the legs of one of my friends, and when she went to a bouncer, she was asked if she was drunk. I don’t know what the bouncers are doing there if they can’t help when people do this”.

The victim said when she reported her own abuse to security, he shrugged off the incident, saying it was just a thing “that happens in the audience” at festivals. The mother of the 15-year-old girl told the paper several other events of “sexual harassment” could have been avoided if the bouncers present at the even had done their jobs properly.

Sweden’s FriaTider, one of the first news outlets to reveal the foreign origin of the attackers reports the youngest victim is just 12-years-old, with the others aged between 14 and 17-years old.

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  1. The Europeans have disarmed themselves. They must have leaders who realize their people are in danger and allow the native Europeans to 1) Arm themselves 2) Defend themselves and 3) Have "castle laws" like the state of Montana. The law works like this: You come on my property and if I feel threatened by you that you wil inflict bodily injury on me, or try to kill me or will not leave my property when I tell you to get off, I can shoot to kill. If the police find out that is what has occurred there is no trial, no nothing. I a a free man ith a right to protet myself and my family.

    Until you are wiling to act like people who cherish our freedom and liberty you Europeans will remain Eloi forever. The police will not help you. You must protect yourseleves.

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