Former Marxist Michael Rectenwald on how the left uses language as a weapon for chaos

Glenn Beck writes in The Blaze:

Glenn Beck sat down with New York University professor and former Marxist Michael Rectenwald to discuss how postmodern progressives use language to control and oppress people with opinions different from their own — all in the name of social justice.

“If you think that’s nonsense, think about how you’re being dominated by using the wrong terms in today’s society,” Glenn said.

Rectenwald introduced the postmodern concept of “logocentrism,” which means to center on words.

“The idea is language as a form of domination over people. That’s why deconstruction comes in, because it wants to undo that domination of language,” he explained. “[Postmodernism] is a toolkit for dismantling all power structures without bombing the building.”

They discussed the postmodern belief that structure, organization, and establishment are “bad just by virtue of existing,” Rectenwald said, and that “everything is the white man’s fault.”

“The only evil that has ever been done on Earth, has been done by the white man, don’t you know that?” Rectenwald said sarcastically. “They have a cartoon version of history that they follow, and if you say something like, ‘Did you know that there is still slavery going on today and that it’s being undertaken by Islamists … that this is not the white man that is doing this today? In fact, the only people that ever ended slavery in history were Euro-based?’ But if you say that, they’ll say, ‘You’re just saying that because you are one of them, one of the oppressors.”

Glenn responded, “I think the enemy of civilization is chaos and people feel that they are surrounded by chaos because you get up every day and there’s a new term that you’ll be crucified if you don’t use today, even though yesterday it was a different term [It happens] literally that fast.”

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  1. It seems that the Destructors are an intellectual breed free-.floating in a sea of ideas, anchor-less from any objective standards describing the real world of cause and effect.
    These Post-Modernists, or present-day Futurist Fallacyists, like to play word games diffusing confusion from their cracked Klein bottle of banal boredom, attitude of enervating ennui, and gargantuan grandiosity — three dimensions of true megamaniacal mental midgetry. These pedants are swallowed by their own pythonic puerility leading to their perpetual intellectual indigestion.

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