Former Pennsylvania Congressman and Retired US Navy Admiral Joe Sestak says:” Iran fulfilled its part of the Nuclear Deal”.

Former Pennsylvannia Congressman and retired Naval Admiral Joe Sestak

Source: AP


Here’s former Pennsylvania Democratic Congressman and US Navy Admiral Joe Sestak suggesting that Iran has met all of the conditions for release of $100 billion in sequestered funds?  Sestak is either desperate, myopic or both in the looming electoral battle going up against incumbent Pennsylvania Republican Senator Pat Toomey who beat him in a narrow 2010 race.  This Washington Free Beacon report discusses the incredulity of Sestak’s remarks, Joe Sestak: ‘Iran Has Met Its End of the Deal’.   Sestak’s assertions come in the face of definitive evidence of Iran’s violation of UN Resolutions banning ballistic missile testing, which experts allege has only purpose; fitting a nuclear warhead. 

Note these excerpts from the Washington Free Beacon report:

Sestak, a former congressman and retired Navy admiral, praised the Iranian nuclear agreement and said that halting plans to unfreeze Iranian assets would harm both American and Israeli security.

“Iran has met its end of the deal,” Sestak said. “For us not to meet our end, or word, of the deal to unfreeze assets will harm American and Israeli security.”

Sestak’s comment was in response to an op-ed by Republican Sen. Pat Toomey (Pa.), who ran against Sestak in 2010 for a Senate seat. Toomey argued that “Iran has repeatedly abandoned its political commitments” and that lifting sanctions would be “extremely dangerous.”

Toomey pointed to Iran’s multiple tests of new long-range, nuclear-warhead-capable, precision-guided ballistic missiles and the delivery of weapons on Russian cargo ships to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, both of which put Iran in clear violation of U.N. Security Council resolutions.

“Iran is in serial violation of U.N. Security Council resolutions mandated by the JCPOA itself,” wrote Toomey. “These violations threaten our national security interests and those of our allies.”

The Obama administration balked at the last minute on the implementation of new sanctions to punish Iran for its ballistic missile tests, leading to criticism from its allies on the nuclear deal in Congress.

Marc Dubowitz of the Washington, DC-based Foundation for the Defense of Democracies, the sanctions expert of note replied:

Mark Dubowitz, executive director of the Foundation for Defense of Democracies, said that Sestak’s remark makes him an outlier even among Democrats.

“Most sensible Democrats are outraged that Iran is not meeting its end of a deal under which Tehran will get hundreds of billions of dollars on the assumption that it won’t build nuclear weapons,” Dubowitz said.

Sestak also said the Iran deal has already proven to be a success, pointing to his opinion that it would likely take more than a year for Iran to create a nuclear bomb.

There is nothing to celebrate when it comes to Iran’s new nuclear developments since the deal, according to Dubowitz.

“Iran is testing ballistic missiles capable of carrying a nuclear warhead. These tests included firing rockets close to an American aircraft carrier in the Strait of Hormuz. Iran also unveiled a second underground missile depot with precision-guided, nuclear warhead-capable missiles,” he said. “To permit Iran to develop with impunity one of the three key elements of a nuclear weapon (missiles, warhead, and enrichment) is not to be praised but condemned.”

Sestak’s credulity was tested during his term as a Pennsylvania Congressman in April 2007 when he spoke at a CAIR fundraiser in Philadelphia. Lori Lowenthal Marcus, then an activist, now national US correspondent for The Jewish Press, drew attention to protest rallies at the downtown Philadelphia hotel where the CAIR event was held. Note Sestak’s rationale in this ACT! post .

Several weeks before Congressman Sestak’s scheduled appearance at a Philadelphia-CAIR fundraiser, he was scheduled to appear at a “town meeting” in a Philadelphia-area synagogue. Sestak’s appearance at that event had been arranged by local Democrat party officials and was sponsored by the local Jewish Federation and the synagogue.


Sestak defended his association with CAIR by pointing out that the US government would have shut it down if there were any problems. Perhaps, but the myriad and verifiable dangerous activities with which so many CAIR members have been involved should be more than enough to deter a sitting Congressman from helping CAIR raise money. Meet with them if you feel you must, but assist in fundraising? That smacks of, at the very least, poor judgment.

Sestak told the audience that he had his campaign staff investigate CAIR during his campaign. Perhaps that happened when CAIR-PA Director Iftekhar Hussain made a several hundred dollar contribution to Sestak’s campaign and with whom Sestak allegedly visited in his home.

At the town hall synagogue appearance Sestak floundered for several hours during which he was forced to face angry Americans who rejected his flaccid responses to their pointed questions. Since that time, though, no one has called him to task for what certainly seems to be an unnecessarily provocative, some might suggest unwise, decision. Joe Sestak is a US Congressman. Claiming that he is merely satisfying his obligation to meet with Muslim constituents by financially assisting a group like CAIR is not only an insult to non-terrorist related Muslims, but also to all his other constituency groups, and, frankly, to all Americans.

According to his bio, Sestak is a Naval Academy grad, whose father before him was alum of the Academy who served in World War II. He has a distinguished career serving as Combat Commander of an International Battle Group of 15 ships and 30,000 officers and seaman during the Iraq and Afghan conflicts, he was deputy Chief of Naval Operations Strategy and Policy Division (N51) and led the Navy Operations Group (Deep Blue) defining strategy and implementing policies in the so-called Global War on Terrorism. Between tours he earned both an MPA and PhD at Harvard. During the Clinton era, he served on the staff of the White House National Security Council as Director for Defense Policy. For such a bright and accomplished person who served his country honorably, how did he succumb to the myopia of both self-styled Muslim civil rights group and Muslim Brotherhood front CAIR and the incredulous Iran nuclear deal? 

Sestak is willfully blind to the unfolding disaster of the Obama foreign policy ‘legacy’. Perhaps he’s hoping to be swept into the Senate from Pennsylvania on the coat tails of presumptive Democrat front runner Hillary Clinton in 2016. That is, unless Clinton faces possible security violations with abuse of her private email server.


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