Free Speech (for Some) in Sweden

by Gary Fouse

There is a most disturbing story out of Sweden this week. A rapper named Jesse Ekene Nweke Conable, who goes by the name JCBUZ, has put out a video on his Instagram account in which he openly calls for the killing of whites. Conable is a 22-year-old immigrant from Nigeria who has already obtained Swedish citizenship.

This video is sickening. While I do not believe that it represents the thinking of all or even most African immigrants in Europe, it does sound the alert that Sweden’s constant admission of immigrants from suspect countries is downright dangerous-as it is in other Western European countries.

Nigeria is a country with a lot of problems in terms of corruption, crime, and Islamic terrorism as represented by the terror group Boko Haram, which operates in the country’s north. Many Nigerian men are migrating to Europe, and the results have not been good. Italy is having to deal with a particularly vicious Nigerian mafia. 

Of course, not all Nigerian men are criminals or terrorists, but here in Sweden we have a young thug who has been admitted to the country, given citizenship and all the opportunities that Swedish society can give to someone from a poor country. This is the gratitude that he shows?

But what will be the reaction? I have discussed this issue at great length with a Swedish friend of mine who follows these issues. He himself is an immigrant and a non-white-just for sake of clarity. Fully assimilated, he also sees the dangers represented by Conable and his ilk.

Sweden is a country, which, like most European countries, may be a democracy, but does not enjoy freedom of expression when it comes to so-called hate speech. People can be prosecuted for hate speech in Sweden-let alone making death threats to people in general. Does that mean we can expect the police to arrest Conable anytime soon or summon him to some kind of civil court? Don’t count on it. In practice, Sweden has a two-tiered justice system, maybe not officially, but two- tiered nonetheless. Had Conable been a white, native Swede advocating the enslavement and murder of blacks or some other minority, he would have already been placed in handcuffs. But Conable is black and is talking about white Swedes. Therefore, he will almost certainly get a pass. Excuses will be made for him. His defenders are already telling us he was on drugs at the time the video was made. 

One might hope that in a sensible country, a story like this might tell the government and the media that the country needs to re-examine its immigration policies, if not put the brakes on them. The current government, under the control of the Social Democrats, is blind to stories like these. They are determined to rush full-steam ahead in making Sweden a multi-cultural paradise with more and more young men coming in from places like Nigeria, Syria, Somalia, and Afghanistan. The resultant crime, rapes, riots and Islamic terror threat have provided all the empirical evidence the government needs to see that they have made a huge mistake. Yet to even talk about this can cause a person to be branded a racist, lose his/her job and have few prospects for future employment in the Multi-Cultural Paradise. In addition, the police are handcuffed. They cannot adequately investigate claims of rape, they fear to enter the famous no-go zones where Islamic communities live, and they are unable to protect their citizens. It is a sad state of affairs and President Trump was fully justified in pointing Sweden out as an example even though he was pummeled at the time.

Ironically, the one person who may wake up and discover that he has full freedom of speech in Sweden is Mr Conable himself.


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