French Arrest 7 Muslims Suspected of Planning Jihad Mass-Murder Attack

As reported by Reuters news agency and Australia’s ABC just yesterday.

“France Arrests Seven People Suspected of Planning Attack”.

Not ‘seven people‘. Seven Muslim men. Seven Muslim men of military age. – CM

‘French authorities say they have foiled a possible terror attack after detaining seven people (sic: seven Muslims – CM), including some who had fought with the Islamic State (IS) group in Syria.

“Some” who, after having departed, should never have been admitted back into France or any other country in Europe; whose Infidel-country citizenship status should have been annulled the instant they were reliably known to be wallowing in the jihad bloodbath in Syria. – CM

‘The arests come a year after a state of emergency was imposed to counter a wave of terror attacks, and at a sensitive time in France, ahead of next spring’s presidential elections, where security will be a major issue.

It is the self-defence of Infidel France, against the global Jihad that is being waged by Muslims both from without and from within the gates of France, that is in fact the major issue. – CM

‘Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve said the seven people (sic: Muslims – CM) of French, Moroccan and Afghan origin were taken into custody on Sunday, following an eight-month operation that ended with the DGSI internal intelligence agency laying a trap.

“Yesterday a terrorist act on our soil that was being prepared for a long time was foiled thanks to the work of the DGSI”, Mr Cazeneuve told reporters.

“The scale of the terrorist threat is enormous, and it is not possible to ensure zero risk despite everything we are doing”.

That is because there are millions of Muslims currently resident inside the gates of France.  The jihadis are both produced and also human-shielded by that mass of Muslims, the Ummah colony in France.  If those Muslims, or in some cases, their progenitors, had never been admitted within the gates, the scale of the terrorist threat would not be enormous.  If France were to forbid henceforward the entry into France of all identifiable Muslims, and to evict from France all non-citizen Muslims, and annul the citizenship or residency status and prevent the return of all French-passport-holding Muslims currently known to be engaged in Jihad in Syria and/ or Iraq, the enormous terrorist threat would be cut down to size somewhat; and could be reduced further, by additional measures, applied judiciously; for example, the raiding and razing of all jihad-associated and/ or sharia-pushing mosques, and the use of the army to reassert French law in and sovereignty over every so-called ‘no-go’ zone or ‘zone sensible”.  – CM

‘French officials are worried IS will call on its followers and jihadists returning from the region to increase attacks in the West.

Fine. Then… their return should be denied. – CM

‘More than 230 people have been killed (sic: murdered by Muslims – CM) in attacks on French soil since January 2015, including 130 in coordinated gun and suicide-bomb strikes in Paris in November last year.

‘Suspects arrested after ‘weapons cache” sting.

‘A second source said some of those arrested had spent time in Syria and Iraq, and one of them had been identified after a tip-off from the Portuguese Government.

‘Four handguns and a submachine gun were recovered during house searches, the source told Reuters.

“House searches”.  Let’s hope that surprise raids and searches of mosques are also underway, or will be set underway, as well. – CM

‘Two were arrested in the Mediterranean port city of Marseille, and four in Strasbourg in the east.

‘Mr Cazeneuve did not say where the seventh was arrested.

‘The minister gave no information on the target of the planned attack, but the Mayor of Strasbourg said it appeared the plot had not concerned his city but rather the Paris region.

‘The source said the plotters were caught after intelligence services leaked information to one of their coordinators – most likely in Syria – that there was a weapons cache in the Paris region.

After several months of surveillance the suspects finally approached the cache”, the source said.”

And then the French were able to snaffle them up.  Teehee.  Though, I must add that, pleasurable though it is to read of our Kuffar intelligence and law enforcement outsmarting a bunch of jihadist thugs, I would rather that the precise method by which said thugs were entrapped, had not been publicised. We are in a war.  The less said about any successful stratagems, the better.

Now to America’s ABC, which – relying on Associated Press – has some more details.

‘France: 7 Arrested in Anti-Terror Raids, Attack Thwarted’.

That is – “Seven Muslims Arrested in Counter-Jihad Raids, Attack Thwarted”. – CM

‘French anti-terrorism police have arrested seven men in Strasbourg and Marseille who had links to Syria and had been plotting an attack on France for several months, the interior minister said [on] Monday.

‘A series of arrests in June and this past Sunday put an end to the plot, and “allowed us to thwart a terrorist act that had been envisaged for a long time on our soil”, Bernard Cazeneuve told reporters in Paris.  France remains under a state of emergency imposed after deadly Islamic State attacks on Paris last year.

‘The suspects are believed to have initially wanted to target the Euro 2016 European soccer tournament earlier this year, but later focused on another target, possibly in Paris or Marseille, according to a security official. The official was not authorized to be publicly named speaking about ongoing investigations.

‘The June arrests involved people behind financing the alleged attack plot, while the Sunday arrests targeted the operational team – and both groups were under orders from unidentified commanders in Syria, the official said.  Weapons were also seized in Sunday’s arrests, the official said.

‘Cazeneuve said investigators are studying whether the thwarted attack was part of a larger plot to attack multiple sites simultaneously.

‘Five of the suspects are French (that is: they hold French passports; they might be native French converts to Islam, but are more likely to be ‘cradle Muslims’ born to Muslim families of immigrant origin – CM), one is Moroccan (that is: a Muslim citizen of Morocco – CM), and the other Afghan (i.e. he has Afghan citizenship, not French – CM), and they are between 29 and 37 years old, the security official said. 

Cazeneuve said six of them hadn’t been known to intelligence services.

Until now. And that is why a ban on the further entry of Muslims into any Infidel land is so necessary.  A Muslim may seem harmless… until suddenly they stop being harmless and Go Jihad. There is no way of knowing which apparently-harmless Muslim will suddenly morph into a jihadist. The only thing that is certain is that some – not a few, and indeed more and more, the bigger and more powerful any given Ummah colony is, in any place – will. – CM

‘The Moroccan had apparently been living in Portugal.

He should not have been living in Portugal.  He should have been sent back to Morocco, years ago.  Moroccan Muslims should not be residing in any part of Europe.  Nor should any other kind of Muslims.  – CM

‘Portuguese police said Monday that they had flagged a 26 year old Moroccan (sic: Moroccan Muslim – CM) residing in Aveiro in northern Portugal to other European authorities, warning that he was part of a terrorist group.  In a statement, the police said they had been watching him since 2015, and he was arrested by French police over the weekend.

‘One of the suspects worked for the Strasbourg city government on special events, Strasbourg metropolitan area president Robert Herrmann said, according to his office.

Fifth columnist.  Enemy agent.  Infiltrator.  Saboteur.  That is what any given Muslim can all too readily become, the moment they choose to take Islam fully to heart.  And what some will become, with disastrous results – quite possibly to the tune of thousands upon thousands of infidel civilian deaths – sooner or later.  It’s time to stop playing “Muslim roulette”. Time to stop hiring identifiable Muslims… especially for work in any area where a person of malevolent intent could use their access to wreak havoc.   Time to stop admitting Muslims into the lands of the Infidels.. and to start working out ways of dislodging those already present. – CM

‘The arrests rattled nerves in Strasbourg, because they came just five days before the opening of the city’s famed Christmas market, which attracts tourists from across Europe, and was the target of a failed extremist plot (that is: a failed Muslim plot – CM) in 2000 by Algerian and French militants (sic: “Algerian and French-passport-holding Muslims” – CM) who had trained in Afghanistan.

Note the date: 2000.  One year prior to September 11 2001.  The American response to September 11 cannot be represented as the cause of a would-be-mass murderous jihad ghazi raid that was plotted a whole year earlier. – CM

‘However, Mayor Roland Ries said the case had no direct link to the market, so the event will open as usual on Friday – under heavy security.

One hopes that French, and Strasbourg security people have had a nice long chat with the Israelis, who have some experience with the types of methods required to secure large public gatherings against Muslim mass-murderous assault. – CM

‘The raids in Strasbourg took place in the Neuhof and Meinau neighbourhoods, where authorities dismantled a jihadi network in 2014 that included the brother of an Islamic State bomber who attacked the Bataclan concert hall in Paris last year.

One hopes that every mosque in Neuhof and Meinau has been raided, or will soon be raided, without prior warning, and searched.  And, if anything at all suspect is unearthed by that search… shut down and razed to the ground. – CM

‘French police have detained 418 people (sic: 418 Muslims – CM) this year in terrorism investigation, Cazeneuve said.

“In the face of a threat that remains very high in France, everything is being done, at every moment, to protect the French”, President Francois Hollande said in a statement about the new arrests.”

Everything is being done?  Everything? No.  If everything was being done, then every known mosque in France would be getting surprise-raided-and-searched, right now, and if anything at all untoward were discovered, then they would be getting shut down, and bulldozed flat. If everything was being done, all Muslim entry into France henceforward would have been banned; and the re-entry of all known French-passport-holding Muslims who have gone off to Syria and/ or Iraq to join Islamic State (or any other known jihad outfit) would be denied, and such persons would have lost their French citizenship or residency.  If everything was being done, all non-citizen Muslims within the gates of France would be getting rounded up, and deported, and all ‘dual-citizen’ Muslims would lose their French citizenship and be required to depart to the country of their alternate – usually original – citizenship.  And French infidel authorities would be figuring out ways to remove from France, also, those Muslims who currently possess a French citizenship for which , in most cases, they have nothing but contempt.  If everything was being done, the army would be rolling into all the no-go zones and reasserting French law and French sovereignty on every inch of the soil of France.  The only way to have less jihad inside the gates – and, therefore, greater safety for French infidel citizens and their Infidel guests – is to have a lot fewer Muslims resident within the gates of France. – CM



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