French Mayor Re-Names A Street In Honor Of Hélie De Saint-Marc



Hélie Denoix de Saint-Marc‘s crime? He wanted Algeria to remain French. And he took part in a military putsch, the putsch in question being that of the French generals who were unwilling to give up the fight to keep the French in Algeria. And the man who had the street re-named for him was also a participant in the French Resistance long before he took part in that putsch, who spent years in the German prison camp of Langenstein, and after the putsch, and the years he sat in a French prison because of it, he became a noted writer. Apparently, for having foreseen what would happen — the mass rapes, the tortures, the killiings — to the French (and the non-French Europeans too), once the implacable murderous FLN came to power, and for believing that the French citizens in Algeria, who had built the first schools and the first hospitals, established the first universities, built beautiful cities and roads, and introduced modern methods of agriculture, and protected the Berber culture from the Arabs, and protected the Jews from the Muslims with the loi Cremieux, had a right not to be booted out. And since the French left, what has happened in Algeria to its imported high civilization? It’s not there or, rather, it’s there only through the bits and pieces of French culture that have been disseminated through the universities, or from Algerians lucky enough to have studied in France and then, returning to Algeria, brought bits of the Perfected Civilization home with them.


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