Guilt in An Age of Jihad

by Dexter Van Zile (August 2016)

In late July, a Catholic priest, Rev. Jacques Hamel, had his head cut off by jihadists in Normandy, France. The killers, who were shot by police after the murder, videotaped themselves as they murdered the priest. They were proud of what they did and wanted others to either be terrified or energized by their actions. There have been lots of attacks over the past few months, but this one got to me. As a Roman Catholic, I can see it play out before me.  more>>>


2 Responses

  1. –Excellent, timely and helpful, and clearly communicated!  

    –I find it stimulates these issues in my mind:

    –It was "a small numnber" of bigots etc. in re Black American etc. injuustices which got spoken out against.  And some today suggest it's only "a tiny minority of extremists" (1%) in Islam, which presumably leaves 99% of Muslims moderate and peaceful, just as we would wish them.  However–perhaps it's not digital deither-or, but an analog gradation (like sizes of pipes of a church organ).  E.g., not wanting to do killing terrorism, but supporting jihad by other means, etc.  

    –We spoke out fairly safely about our injustices, but what happens if moderate Muslims speak up within a given Islamic subculture?  Investigate this…

    –As long as Muslims are raised in a hothouse hermetically sealed environment from birth which privileges one system only and socialloy-controls any deviation from such, aided by like Wahhabi imams etc., and the Koran as a book continues to exist, what chance is there for amelioration?  (Let alone ISIS as a raging grassfire…)

    –STILL, for prolonging our survival as much as possible, it surely WOULD be high-priority to make communication as recommended with the0mModerate Muslims–even though, alas, their style of Islam is unrealistically non-authorizable by Islam as such, as orthodox centerline Islam is in fact.

    –Or, this not true, or incomplete?…..

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