H. D. S. Greenway,Foreign Correspondent, Still Worthless

Here are the latest vaporings from bowtied, Needham-based (Morrissey Boulevard need no longer be navigated) H.D. S. Greenway, who for so many years enraged so many, caused so much heartacche, in his vicious reporting on Israel, has now attempted to  explain away, by not explaining or touching upon at all, the Islam in the Islamic terrorism, and the other, equally or perhaps even more dangerous forms of Jihad, from which France has been suffering, as have all the countries of Western Euope where, out of carelessness, so many Muslims were allowed in, and now are outbreeding the natives, and making demands that show they have no intention of acceptiing the laws and customs and understandings of the peoples who are the indigenous inhabitants and heirs of these many lands far more advanced, in every way than the lands of Islam from which these ungrateful Muslim immigrants came. They do not accept democracry, for the Muslim ruler’s legitimacy derives not from the consent expressed, however imperfectly, by the governed, but by the will expressed by Allah, set down in the Qur’an, and glossed by the Sunnah. They do not accept that women could ever enjoy legal equality with men. They believe it makes no sense to permanently accept an arrangement where non-Muslims would have legal equality with Muslims. They do not accept any number of things, and they are inculcated with the notion that they must not, even in the slightest degree, accept non-Muslims as their friends, must not greet them, must not recognize their religious holidays, must not allow their children to accept their Infidel curricula, must remain aloof even if they are eager to exploit every last bit of aid — subsidized or free housing, health care, education, and of course family allowances, the better to increase their numbers, and their power, in lands that must, someday, belong to the “best of peoples” the Muslims. There is nowhere in the world, where Muslims have entered, and been allowed to gain power, where the indigenous non-Muslims have not suffered great and sometimes permanent loss; the only country where non-Muslims managed to hold on, once conquered by Muslims, was India, but for hundreds of years tens of millions of Hindus were killed (and Jains, and Sikhs, and Buddhists), their  temples and temple complexes destroyed, their own pre-Islamic-conquest histories ignored or treated with contempt, to be resurrected only when the British East India Company brought in people who, like “Oriental” Jones, were fascinated by the Sanskrit learning and epics of the past.

Does H.D. S. Greenway still not have any desire to find out what is in the Qur’an and Hadith and Sira? Would he like a short course in the Muslim rules as to what to do with those who mock Muhammad? He spent decades in the Middle East. Has he not the slightest interest, even now, in his eyrie over the Charles River, in fiinding out what Muhammad had done to those who mocked him — Ka’b bin Al-Ashraf, Asma bint Marwan, Abu ‘Akaf? How is it that H.D.S. Greenway thinks he has a right to decide, far from France, and still ignorant of Islam, and for all I know completely  unaware of such people as Ivan Rioufol, and Jean-Pierre Le Goff, and Caroline Fourest, and all the others who know what Muslims are doing, have done, to the wellbeing of the people of France, what explains Muslim behavior — the usual business about poverty, unemployment, and so on, without considering how, in every European country, no matter what their social or politial system or regime, no matter what their histoires, one kind of immigrant — and only one, the Muslim immigrants — pose a threat, a permanent threat, based on the immutable texts of Qur’an and Hadith. Is it too late for H.D.S. Greenway to begin to try to understand any of this? Probably.


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