Half of Britons think Islam is a threat to the West, according to ‘worrying’ new study

I’m more worried about the half who don’t realise the danger; some will be Islamic, some like Hope not Hate will be facilitating Quislings, hopefully the rest will wake up soon. From Yahoo News

More than 40 per cent of Britons say that recent terror attacks have made them more suspicious of Muslims, according to a wide-ranging study into attitudes surrounding race and religion in Britain.

Hope not Hate, the advocacy group that campaigns to “counter racism and fascism”, revealed that 52 per cent of people think that Islam is a threat to the West in its annual Fear and Hope report.

It said that, since 2011, it has tracked a shift in public anxiety from race and racism to Islamophobia and religious discrimination. It noted that, while attitudes towards Muslims improved between 2011 and February 2016, recent attacks — such as the Manchester Arena bombing  — have seen anxieties about Islam return to levels of six years ago. I don’t wonder at it. 

According to the report, the population as a whole is likely to overestimate the proportion of Muslims in Britain. It found that 39 per cent of people overemphasise the prevalence of Islam in British society, while just 13 per cent estimate the correct 5 per cent. Up from 0.01% when I was a child and rising annually.

Overall, 57 per cent of people disagree that Muslims in Britain should be associated with violence and terrorism, but the rate of people agreeing that Islam is a dangerous religion has increased since 2011.

Hope not Hate said that “the picture of attitudes towards Muslims in Britain is worrying. . . While attitudes to immigration have continued to moderate, albeit perhaps temporarily, the fear of Muslims and hostility to Islam is hardening amongst many.” Hope not Hate are probably worried about their funding from the Daily Mirror, the Labour party and other islamofan quislings

Read the comments. One begins “I do not believe this study, for sure it more like 90% who do not want them here. This study must have been carried out in Bradford…”


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  1. It’s going down to the wire but.. judging from these survey results it appears that enough of the men of the Island of the Mighty just might be going to wake up to the danger, in time.
    *My* prayer is that awareness levels are at *more* than 40 percent awake, already, among the rank-and-file and at least some officers in the military (all branches – army, navy, air force) and the police force (despite the brainwashing inflicted by ‘common purpose’ etc).

    That sometimes societies have viewed assorted minority groups as Enemies Within, when those groups in fact were not, does NOT exclude the possibility that *some* groups CAN be an Enemy Within. And it isn’t that hard for anyone with commonsense to recognise the Ummah as just such a group…. especially when it keeps on attacking, and attacking, and attacking at every level from the individual to the group, in the bloodiest of ways – from the daylight beheading of Lee Rigby to the accompaniment of Quranic verses, all the way through to explosions on buses and trains, and the massive explosion in Manchester… and all of it consonant with what is plainly visible in the best English-language translations of the founding texts of the Religion of Blood and War. All the ‘spin’ in the world cannot conceal that dreadful continuity between mohammedan behaviour and mohammedan cult programming.

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