Henry Ergas in "The Australian" Explains Why It Would Be Prudent To Admit Only Non-Muslim Refugees


“Migrant Crisis: Refugees Must be Prioritised On Their Beliefs”.

“Just as the government, in allocating the 12,000 places it has added to the humanitarian intake, has every right to screen out security threats, so it has every right to test whether applicants are capable of integrating peacefully and effectively into the community.

“And like it or not, religion is a crucial factor in that respect, all the more so with refugees from the greater Middle East.

“It is therefore entirely proper for Australians to be concerned about the religious composition of the expanded intake the government has announced.

“To say that is not to deny that many Muslims are at grave risk in the region’s conflicts.

“On the contrary, data from the Association of Religion Data Archives shows that in 70 percent of Muslim-majority countries, Muslim governments persecute other Muslims, typically from minority sects, and increasingly with deadly results.

“But that persecution merely betrays an underlying streak of fanaticism in Islam which continually breathes fresh life into centuries-old doctrinal disputes.

“Catholics and Protestants in Northern Ireland may fight, but their quarrels never invoke 16th-century differences on transubstantiation.

“Every day, however, Sunnis and Shiites butcher each other over who, in AD 632, was the rightful successor to the Prophet Mohammed (sic: he should have written, “the so-called “Prophet” Mohammed”..- CM).

“In turn, that fanaticism brees a broader demonisation of enemies that promotes religiously-inspired violence.

“Muslim-majority countries have a low incidence of conventional homicide; but even excluding the conflict in Chechnya, Muslims are responsible for some 70 percent of all high-casualty terrorist bombings since 1999.

As Muslims comprise less than a quarter of the world’s population, the thesis Montesquieu advanced 250 years ago – that “the Mohammedan religion, which speaks only through the sword, continues to act on men with the destructive spirit which founded it” – retains its element of truth.

That truth is being felt by what little remains of the Middle East’s Christian communities.

According to the just-released Yearbook of International Religious Demography, while 13.6 percent of the region’s population was Christian in 1901 (and of course, just prior to the irruption of Islam in the 6th century, the “Middle East” and North Africa were mostly Christian, though with substantial Jewish, pagan and other minorities, so even that 13.6 percent figure in 1901 was the remnant to which some 1200-odd years of grinding Muslim oppression had reduced that original vast majority – CM) that share is now down to 4.2 percent, with the Christian communities in Israel being the only ones that are expanding.

“And that grim outcome seems a mere way-station to a future in which – with the possible but uncertain exception of the Copts – there will be no Christians left in the Arab lands.

That is “in the lands conquered, colonised and dominated by Muslim Arabs.” – CM

“But the fate of the Christians pales compared to that of the Jews.

“By virtue of their opposition to Mohammed in Medina the Jews were, in the phrase of Yale’s Michael Cook, always Islam’s “intimate enemies”; however, under the influence of Arab nationalism a religious objection to Judaism has been transformed into racial hatred.

You’re almost there, Mr Ergas.  But you need to read Andrew Bostom’s “Legacy of Islamic Antisemitism”, Mr Ergas, to get a full understanding of the extent to which venomous and inveterate Jew-hatred is hardwired into the core texts of Islam and the various ways it has been manifested throughout the entire history of Islam. – CM

“That racial (and religious – CM) hatred is now deeply entrenched throughout the greater Middle East (and, for that matter, is ubiquitous in the entire Muslim world, whether Arab or non-Arab – CM); indeed, it is central to education and daily propaganda.

“Saddam Hussein’s major contribution to Baathist theory, for example, characterised Jews and flies as “the creatures God should not have made”; and its blood-curdling finale – “for each insect, there is an insecticide” – was endlessly repeated on state media, along with photos of Baghdad crowds celebrating the public hanging, on January 27 1969, of nine alleged Jewish spies.

“As for Bashar al-Assad’s Syria, a Friday religious broadcast proclaiming that “we are a nation that drinks blood, and no blood is better than the blood of Jews”, still sets the typical standard.

“Unfortunately, those hatreds have not remained in the Middle East (or in the Dar al Islam more broadly understood – CM); rather, there is compelling evidence that we have imported them with earlier waves of Muslim refugees (or so-called refugees – CM).

“For instance, a 2009 survey of Muslim children in Australian schools concluded that 73 percent believe that Jews are “selfish” and “have no morals”, while 93 percent believe that “Jews dislike people from other groups”.

“More recently, a study by the University of Sydne’s Suzanne Rutland of Muslim students in western Sydney’s public high schools found pervasive anti-Semitism, including the belief that the September 11 attacks were a Jewish plot (with Jews in New York supposedly “phoning each other to stay at home”).  And bad as things are in the public schools, in the Muslim schools they are surely worse.

“All that has persisted despite myriad government programs aimed at promoting “harmony”.

“Those programs’ failure is unsurprising, since racist beliefs (and the religiously-codified and sacralised hatred – CM) are reproduced day after day, in the home, and in the bile distributed, with complete impunity, through mosques and other social networks.

“More importantly, intolerance is increasingly at the heart of religious Islam itself (sic: ‘increasingly”? no, it was always there, always rampant, hatred for all Infidels, especially Jews, is part and parcel of Islam, part of its core program; it is just that it depends on circumstances, whether this or that Muslim person or entity feels able to act upon that hate and intolerance and express it openly, or not – CM); and with successive governments’ attempts to reach out to “moderate” clerics, giving the Muslim religious establishment greater legitimacy, the racist (and religious – CM) hatreds researchers find in our Islamic communities are even more widely held than a decade ago.

Or the Muslim today, being stronger and feeling bolder, are more likely to openly admit to holding such views than they might have done ten years ago. – CM
No doubt the difficulties Middle Eastern refugees (that is, “Muslim migrants and “refugees” from the Middle East – and elsewhere” – CM) have had in integrating into Australia’s economy and society aggravate the situation.

You’ve got the wrong end of the stick there, mate.  They don’t integrate because they never intended or wanted to integrate in the first place; because Islam forbids them to integrate. – CM

“Not only are 56 percent of Australia’s working-age Muslims either unemployed or not in the labour force, but participation rates for Australian-born children of refugees (of refugees generally? – or of Muslim ‘refugees’, specifically? – CM) are more than 20 percentage points below those for the Australian population as a whole, entrenching welfare dependence (but many a Muslim feels perfectly entitled to sponge off the Infidel taxpayer – the ‘welfare’ being viewed as de facto tribute or as de facto jizya – CM) and a grievance mentality that helps hatreds persist. And with poor educational outcomes (because Islam suppresses free and critical thinking – CM) all the problems are set to endure.

The case for caution in allocating places in the humanitarian program is therefore overwhelming.

Yes. – CM

“As well as rigorous scrutiny of applicants’ religious beliefs, not least for signs of antisemitism, the government should unashamedly give priority to those religious and ethnic groups that are most likely to respect our institutions and way of life.

“If that curtails the Muslim share of the program (it should indeed, reduce “the Muslim share of the program” to zero – CM), it is a price worth paying for peace and security.

After all, the government’s highest responsibility is to protect Australia and Australians, including – let us say it – Jewish Australians.

Far from being an act of humanity, responding to the carnage hatred has created, by allowing it on our shores, would be a dereliction of duty.”

Hear! hear!  Muslims will bring Islam with them in their intellectual baggage, and many, indeed most of them will therefore bring with them the thoroughly-orthodox Islamic hatred of Jews and of all other dirty Infidels who are “the worst of beasts”, who are to be converted, or subjugated, or killed.  And even if this or that Muslim does not act upon that hatred, some among their children will.   Got Muslims? Got Jihad.  And the more Muslims, the more jihad.  Time to apply the precautionary principle: no. more. Muslims. End of. – CM



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