Human rights groups hold Peace vigil for targeted Christians of Pakistan


A press release received today. This is very short notice for any of our readers in the London area – such short notice I don’t expect t be able to attend myself. But if you can go I think it will be worthwhile.

LONDON : Stand together in unity with the families of the victims of the Lahore Easter suicide bombing. Join a rally outside Pakistan’s High Commission at 10.00am on Saturday 2nd April 2016.

Address: Pakistan High Commission 34-36 Lowndes Square, London SW1X 9JN 

The peaceful protest will call on governments to do more to protect vulnerable religious minorities by adopting firmer measures to address the scourge of unchecked fundamentalism. The peaceful protest will move to 10 Downing Street before closing at 14.00pm. Petitions will be submitted at both locations. The event is being organised by the British Pakistani Christian Association in conjunction with social justice activists including Woolwich band Ooberfuse.

The horrors of the Easter massacre, deliberately targeting children enjoying the high-point of the Easter celebrations, have shocked the globe. Jesus resurrection from the tomb will be a focus of this event and will be prayerfully reflected upon. We will also have speakers from various religious backgrounds calling for the unity of mankind against oppressors.

Watch Wilson Chowdhry speaking about this latest atrocity on BBC National News (click here)

Music and street performances will be used to highlight the need for a united front against the forces of persecution that are fuelled by hatred and which target vulnerable religious minorities. Guest Speakers include : Reverend Timothy Dorjey (Christian Pastor), Ranbir Singh (Hindu Human Rights Group), John Michael (Former Chaplain for Dubai), Lyn Julius (HARIF – representing African and Middle Eastern Jews) and others.

Sign our petition (click here)

For more information Contact Wilson Chowdhry email: [email protected] Tel: 020 8514 0861

?One of our regular sponsors has agreed to donate 10% of the proceeds for sale of their printing and creative solutions services to these and other bomb victims in Pakistan.  Please let them know about this offer if you do choose to hire their services:

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