Identitarians Place Giant Islamic Veil On Iconic Maria Theresa Statue


Breitbart is the first English language report that I can find. 

The hipster-right Identitarian youth movement has placed a full face veil on one of Vienna’s most well known statues to protest what they see as the Islamisation of Austria.

The full face veil was placed on the 65 foot high statue to protest, what the group says in the growing Islamisation of Austria and included a sign at the foot of the statue reading, “Islamisation? No thanks.

The protest is the latest by the group who in recent months have hung signs against mass migration on the top of Berlin’s Brandenburg Gate and climbed the famous Burgtheater in Vienna. 

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  1. For what it's worth, I have long thought that the Resistance to Islamisation, in Europe and indeed pretty much everywhere else, is much in need of two posters that can be used to shock people into realizing exactly what the triumph of Islam would, in the long term, entail.

    The art style should be inspired either by 'Where's Wally?" or by the very large, naif paintings of Grandma Moses: wide-framed landscapes full of little figures doing this and that.

    The posters comprise a diptych, and the location should be recognisable as exactly the same place: a 'typical' western-style modern cityscape, before and after its subjection to Islam and the imposition of the Sharia in full.  The intention is to shock people into realizing what Islam IS, and what it does.

    At the centre is a large park; the day is probably a Saturday, just before midday.  It is late spring or early summer.   In the first picture, there are all the usual incidentals of a modern western city park in a city or large town of any signifcant age (some hundreds of years); notably, statues of men, women and/ or animals, perhaps incorporated in fountains.  All the people in the picture are unislamically dresssed; young women with uncovered hair and light summer garments are walking confidently by themselves.  In one corner of the park is a dog off-leash area, and dogs and their owners are at play; elsewhere, dogs are beng walked on the leash; the more you look at the picture, the more you discover.  Buskers are busking-  there is a violinist, a guitarist, a flautist.  A group of Hare Krishnas are dancing down a pathway; elsewhere, someone in Buddhist gear is meditating; a couple of nuns in habits are taking the air; a street preacher with an open bible is standing on a soapbox preaching to the passing parade and his side-kick is earnestly handing out pamphlets.  A pavement artist is at work in one part of the scene; somewhere else, an artist with an easel is doing a portrait.  Couples both hetero and non-hetero are walking together, holding hands, sitting on benches, perhaps kissing in a quiet corner or picnicking (with a nice bottle of wine visible in the picnic basket, and a bit of ham).  Brides – Christian and Jewish, and let's throw in a Sikh and HIndu wedding party for good measure – are emerging from places of worship, or else are down by the lake or under the trees having their celebratory photos taken.   In the background can be seen a few political campaign posters typical of any western democracy; there is a court-house, a police station, the shopfront of the local MP. There is a church with a large bell-tower; the bells are ringing merrily as a wedding party emerges.  There is a group of Jews outside the synagogue. Fronting onto the park there is a licensed restaurant, with patrons drinking wine or beer, and elsewhere in the picture, in one of the side streets, a pub; among the shops a butcher shop is open with signs advertising bacon and ham specials.

    And then: imagine the second picture.  The way to create the second picture is simple: one removes from it entirely, or else represents as as defaced and damaged ( al al ISIS) every aspect of it – every object, every activity – that is forbidden by the sharia of Islam (whether Sunni or Shiite). The dogs vanish… or appear only as wretched fugitives, with people throwing stones at them (perhaps a dog-fight being conducted, with bloodthirsty spectators).  the statues are beheaded or else removed. The artist disappears.  The musicians disappear: stringed instruments and flutes are anathema. The church and synagogue are either razed, or vandalised; the church has been burned, its bell tower is gone, its cross has been broken off. The synagogue has been burnt down, or turned into a mosque. There are no dancing hare krishnas, no street preacher… The artist is gone (painting human forms is anathema to the sharia).  Most of the females disappear from the picture; perhaps a fifth remain, swathed in the burka or the niqab,a nd each is walking ten feet behind a male.  And so on. It is necessary to make people realize just how MUCH of the normal paraphernalia of everyday life in any free 'western' – or non-western, but 'westernised' c- Infidel society is targeted, by Islam, for total destruction, and for replacement by what can only be described as a moral, spiritual, intellectual, social and artistic wasteland.

    One could add, too, the things that Islam finds quite normal and natural; that it approves, commands, sacralises.  A little girl obviously no more than ten, being given over to a man four times her age.   A man with several females in tow.  A woman being flogged; a stoning; the 'virtue police' on the prowl, attacking the one couple who have defied the rules.  A slave market.  the abduction, from her parental home, of an infidel girl-child, by armed Muslim men (this has happened, in Pakistan).  A Muslim pushing a non-Muslim person – a pregnant woman, or an elderly person with a stick – into the gutter.

    Put *those* two posters up, side by side, in public places, for the instruction of the unaware.

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