In Defense of Donald Trump on Muslims

Donald Trump has single-handedly moved the ball forward on Islam. He is posing a question: Given that we have a problem with radical Islamic terrorism, from whence does the problem originate? His answer: from within the Muslim community.

Now, within that Muslim community, no one seems to be able to tell who is radical and who is not – in advance of an attack, that is. How, then, are we to be able to screen these people? If that question is allowed to stall, will it ever be posed again? Will all the follow-up questions ever be posed, such as, even if terrorism doesn’t come from those Muslims who have recently entered the country, what are the chances it will come from their children and grandchildren and on down through the generations? As long as they remain Muslim, will the siren song of violent jihad ever be silenced? And even without violent jihad, will some of our communities be transformed into Muslim-only enclaves as has happened in Europe?

These are serious questions and Donald Trump has opened the door for them to be asked. The media, afraid as always of the answers to the questions above, want to slam the door shut, but they won’t succeed. It’s too late, the door has been opened and even if Donald Trump doesn’t become President, he has moved this issue forward and for that he deserves our gratitude and support.


2 Responses

  1. Yes.

    Trump, after the manner of the classic Enfant Terrible, has put the proposition right out there in the public eye and mind, unforgettably.

    People are now thinking and talking about it. Even if they disagree or are still frantically trying to avoid the issue, it’s there, in their mind.

    It’s about simple probability and statistics.

    Got Muslims? Then, sooner or later, guaranteed…Got Jihad.

    More Muslims inside your gates? More jihad.

    Fewer or no Muslims? Less Jihad (depending on whether you have Muslim countries next door, or not; even if there are none within the gates, Muslims don’t respect boundaries, as Kenya has reason to know…and Greece).

    The Ummah or Mohammedan Mob is the nurturing, sheltering sea within which the jihadis, the sharia assassins, the soldiers of the caliphate, the people whom ex-Muslim Nonie Darwish called “Allah’s enforcers”, swim, and from which, ceaselessly – and ever more rapidly and numerously in exact proportion as the surrounding Ummah feels itself strong vis a vis the surrounding Infidels – they arise.

    Another way to think about it is ..”playing Muslim roulette”. This or that individual Muslim, identifiable as such, and/ or their descendants, may or may not Go Jihad, individually or mass murderously…but then again, they *might*. And you have NO way of knowing, for sure, that they are going to do it. will they or won’t they run amok howling Allahu-akbar and exploding, stabbing, shooting, or…sneakily sowing poison? Sometimes overt Islamic religiosity can function as an indicator…but because of Islam’s elaborately-calculated practices and doctrines of deception, even that is not a reliable warning signal, a beardless be-suited Muslim or apparently-secular Muslimah in a short skirt and no hijab could just possibly be as dangerous a jihadi as the bearded and robed bloke or the scuttling ghost in full burka.

    Trump has deployed Ockham’s Razor and everyone else is frantically trying to avoid the fact that he’s right.

  2. The sad truth is that All Muslims must be adherents to unabrogated, perpetual violence-demanding portions of Koran and Sunnah.
    There is no picking and choosing whether to follow these demands. A ‘moderate’ who does not adhere is, by definition, an apostate, and subject to attack by the orthodox.

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