In ‘Progressive’ Madison, Wisconsin, an Outbreak of Antisemitic Hate

Jim Hoft of the Gateway Pundit reported on a Ha’aretz article  on an outbreak of Antisemitic screed spray painted on garage doors in liberal Madison, Wisconsin, Thirty Madison, Wisconsin Homes Spraypainted With Anti-Semitic Slurs.”   A h/t to Ken Lamb of Pensacola for forwarding this  hate screed attack  plastered on garage doors in Wisconsin’s  captal.  However, as the Ha’aretz report notes there were over 30 such reports of Antisemtic hate reported in Madison in 2014. Perhaps time for Gov. Walker  to investigate the hate mongers ringing Lake Mendota. Are these KKKers, white supremacists?  How could this ferment occur in liberal Madison?

At least thirty Madison, Wisconsin homes were spraypainted with anti-Semitic slurs this weekend.

Haaretz reported:

At least 30 homes in Madison, Wisconsin, were vandalized overnight Friday, some with anti-Semitic slurs and swastikas.

Other residents awoke to derogatory words geared toward women and other minorities sprayed on their homes, cars, garage doors, mailboxes and driveways, according to the Coordination Forum for Countering Anti-Semitism.

One resident, Jim Stein, told Wisconsin television station WISC TV, “Everyone in the neighborhood is pretty upset.”

Stein woke up Saturday morning to discover “F— Jews” scrawled on a garage door across the street and a swastika on the driveway.

“It was, of course, extremely disturbing to me,” Stein, who is the president of the Jewish Federation of Madison, told the station. Other graffiti included a garage door defaced with the words “KKK Bound.”

There have been over thirty confirmed antisemitic incidents reported in Wisconsin in 2014.
JS Online reported:

There were 33 confirmed incidents of anti-Semitism of those reported in 2014, compared with 13 a year earlier, the audit says.

They included an unprecedented number of swastikas drawn on public and private property, continued harassment of Jewish middle and high school students, and attacks on Zionism and Israel that went beyond legitimate political criticism to attack Jews personally, according to the audit.

Among the confirmed incidents:

?At least nine swastikas were drawn, carved or painted at various places, including public streets, the driveway of a Jewish high school student’s home and in an elevator of a Jewish institution. Swastikas and a Star of David were carved at two golf greens, causing $5,000 in damage. Another included a reference to “1488,” a known white supremacist symbol.

?A man entered a Jewish facility shouting “All Jews will (expletive) burn.”

?At one business, a hairdresser told a potential client that she doesn’t cut “Jewish hair.” At another, an employee called his boss a “stingy Jew” when he refused to give him a raise.



2 Responses

  1. Having followed the long turmoil – created by SEIU thugs – against the governor and against the GOP in Wisconsin, Occam’s Razor suggests their black hand in this.

    [Oops. Can’t say “black hand” anymore as a historical reference. That’s waaycist!]

    Tea Party volunteers from all over came to push back against the union thugs during a long, unprecedented attempt to take over Wisconsin by the unions. The emasculated GOP sure wasn’t up to the job.

    When recall petitions began circulating against their validly elected members, Republicans lay down in defeat. When the Tea Party dragged them across the finish line anyway (about 90% survived), they scurried for cover.

    The union antics in Wisconsin and Gov Walker’s successful pushback is what made his current presidential consideration possible. However, the MSM will kill that consideration; they’ve already settled on a Bush for their candidate. Someone who can be trashed repeatedly if the Dems are defeated.

    Of course when Walker and the GOP won, there was a blackout on national news outlets re: any good tidings emanating from Wisconsin. I had to go to local news and to Wisconsin blogs to gather information.

    The only way the RNC can make any headway is if they accept the help of the grass roots Tea Party work. You’d think the example in Virginia of Eric Cantor’s unprecedented loss to an obscure professor would have served as a warning to the Boyz in the Beltway Bubble that being soft on immigration will mean a loss of votes.

    Just proves that in D.C. it’s not about winning anymore. It’s about retaining access.

    This artificial “anti-Semitism” in Wisconsin is a Potemkin effort. Please don’t buy it as real; it’s a strategic move by thugs.

  2. I graduated from UW in 1975. Madison is NOT liberal at all. It is hard left. Much worse than 1975.

    The left all over the world is in bed with Islam and the left hates Israel.

    There is a 99% chance this is the work of left/Islam and 1% on the ‘right’.

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