Indonesia, Friday: Huge Muslim Mobs Cry "Blasphemy!", Call for Arrest, Removal of Jakart’s Chinese Christian Governor


Mobs to the tune of “tens of thousands”.  This, of course, in the country that our western media never tire of describing as “the world’s most populous Muslim country”, whilst also assuring us repeatedly that ‘most’ Indonesian Muslims are ‘moderate’.  However: any country within which mobs numbering tens of thousands can appear at the drop of a hat – or the click of a social media mouse or chirp of a mobile phone – to chant and riot and invoke the classically-Islamic blasphemy rule – that anyone deemed to have spoken against Islam in any way whatsoever, must be killed – is not exactly ‘moderate’.  Underlying all this rage against a non-Muslim non-Malay Governor – and the fact that he is at least nominally a Christian is far more significant in this situation, than that he is of Chinese ethnicity – is something that has led to the murder of many a non-Muslim adviser or vizier  in many other Islamised countries, throughout the history of Islam (murders usually accompanied by unloosing of violent assaults upon any non-Muslim minority community associated with said adviser, vizier, etc), to wit: the rule that, as Hassan al-Banna once said, “Islam is to dominate, and not be dominated”.  Muslims deeply resent it when any non-Muslim exercises any type of authority at all over Muslims.  At bottom, what offends the most pious Muslims in Jakarta is not anything that this Chinese Chrisitan governor has done or said, or is alleged to have done or said; what offends is that he is Govenor, rather than a Muslim.   But neither the ABC nor any other western media outlet will take the trouble to research that fact, nor to make it known.

And so to our two reports: the first describing the issuing of threats prior to the exhibition of Mohammedan rage; the second describing that exhibition of rage and of shrieking demands for the arrest and punishment of this Christian Governor, who offends, at bottom, merely by being an Infidel.

‘Australians in Indonesia Warned To Keep Away from Looming Jakarta Protest Planned by Hardline Muslim Groups’.

Orthodox Muslim groups.  At the core of Islam is a pantheism of Force; and an obsession with the seizure and monopolising of this-worldly Power. – CM

‘Australians are being warned to stay away from a rally in Jakarta later today, with reports extremists (sic: pious sharia-pushing Muslims – CM) may use the protest to conduct acts of violence.

‘The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) has said the protest in the capital should be avoided and Australians should consider the need to move around the city.

And why is that? Because when Muslims are ginning up for a Day of Rage, any identifiable Infidel in the area will be deemed Lawful Prey. – CM

“We advise you to exercise a high degree of caution in Indonesia, including Bali”, DFAT said.

Yes, even in Hindu-majority Bali, the infidels must walk on eggshells for fear that the Muslims, who rule Indonesia, will attack… as they did, in October 2002, when a nightclub in Bali was bombed, and large numbers of people were murdered and many others permanently maimed. – CM

‘The travel advisory also warned related protests (sic: Mohammedan threat displays and potentially riots and pogroms against any available infidels – CM) could take place in other Indonesian cities.

‘Security has been tightened in Jakarta, a sprawling city of 10 million, and police have deployed armoured vehicles and armed personnel as the plan stoked religious and ethnic tensions in the world’s largest Muslim-majority nation.

The ‘ethnic’ tensions are a long way secondary to the ‘religious’ ‘tensions’.  Islam teaches its adherents that they are entitled to rule, absolutely, everywhere; and not only that, but that they are perfectly entitled to treat any and all non-Muslims with contumely and cruelty; to rob, rape, enslave, torture and murder.  Non-Muslim indigenous minorities throughout Indonesia are in a precarious position; there have been huge outbreaks of Muslim violence, mass murder, and displacement, in the not-so-distant past.  The mass-murders and mass-rapes of non-Muslim Chinese – under the pretext of anti-communism – in the 1960s. The mass-murderous mistreatment of overwhelmingly-non-Muslim East Timorese in the 1970s and 1980s.  The ongoing occupation, demographic swamping, and mass murders and forced conversions of the majority-Christian Melanesians of West Papua.  The wave of Jihad – including forced conversions to Islam – that devastated (and Islamised) large parts of the majority-Christian islands of the Moluccas, in the 1990s.  The oft-made claim that Indonesian Muslms are ‘moderate’ is preposterous in light of these volcanic eruptions of Muslim supremacism and Muslim violence against vulnerable non-Muslim minorities. – CM

‘Jakarta police say they would secure 26 sites across the capital, with 18,000 police and military personnel to be deployed onto the streets.

The protestors are demanding that Jakarta’s Christian Governor, Basuki Tjahaja Purnama, known as Ahok, be jailed for comments he made about the Koran.  

Muslim groups have accused Mr Purnama of blasphemy after he said his opponents had deceived voters by attacking him using a verse from the Koran.

Dear ABC: perhaps you could see fit to inform us what sharia prescribes as the punishment for “blasphemy’, and what the special Islamic definitions of ‘blasphemy’ and ‘slander’ are?  (And will you tell us about Abu Afak, Kab bin Ashraf, and Asma bint Marwan, those non-Muslim ‘blasphemers’ of Islam who, back in the day, were assassinated by Muslims, to the great satisfaction of Mohammed?).  It would also be useful to identify this verse or verses from the Koran, as used by Mr Purnawan’s opponents.  The rabble-rousing speech or speeches – or ‘sermon’ by this or that imam – are no doubt on social media somewhere, or even in print.  Together with Mr Purnawan’s observations on the subject, also in full as given.  It might be instructive to place them side by side, in English translation. –  CM

Police are investigating the case against the Governor, who has apologised for the remark.

What else could he do? The Muslim mob, in a Muslim-dominated country, made mad by Islam, is always right. – CM

‘Indonesian President Joko Widodo and his vice-president called for peace as tensions rose ahead of the protest planned by hard-line Muslim groups against Mr Purnama, the first ethnic Chinese in the job.

The first Infidel in the job (of Governor of Jakarta). That’s the real sore point, here. Had Mr Purnama renounced his Christian faith and rattled off the Shahada, before taking office, his ethnicity would be quite irrelevant.  – CM

“Everything and everyone should continue to work as normal, schools should run as normal”, Mr Widodo said in a joint statement with Vice President Jusuf Kalla. Mr Kalla added: “The Government will listen to all opinions… but I believe that because the protest will be carried out on Friday, a holy day, protesters will be respectful.  That is our hope.”

Really?  A Muslim mob gathering on a Friday – the typical Mohammedan ‘day of rage’ – will be ‘respectful’…..ROFLMAO.  Friday is more dangerous for Infidels, and for deemed-insufficiently-Islamic Muslims, than any other day.  Muslim mob violence is more probable on a Friday than any other day. And as we shall see from the follow-up report, riots is exactly what happened.  – CM

‘But some businesses have told employees to stay home on Friday, citing fears that violence could erupt during the rally.

Well-founded fears. – CM

‘Police said dozens of social media accounts had been found “publishing provocative statements and images” and urging people to take violent action in the name of Islam against Mr  Purnama, including calls to kill him.

We have seen racially and ethnically divisive statements being spread online, and there are indications many of them are anti-Chinese”, said Jakarta police spokesman Awi Setiyono.

This is not about ethnicity. This is about religion.  Most Chinese in Indonesia are not Muslim.  Many – like Mr Purnama, newly elected and appointed Governor of Jakarta – are Christians. – CM

‘Ethnic Chinese (that is – “mostly-non-Muslim ethnic Chinese” – CM) make up just over one percent of Indonesia’s 250 million people who are overwhelmingly Muslim.

In other words: this vast and powerful Muslim majority are threatening and attacking a tiny, tiny minority in their midst, because that minority is not Muslim.  Bullying, thy name is Islam.  Meanwhile, across western countries, Muslims whine and squeal and screech that they are being ‘persecuted’, every time that a jihad plot is detected and foiled, or somebody looks askance at a mohammedan female in her proudly-flaunted slave rag aka Sharia Badge. – CM

Typically, Indonesian Chinese do not enter politics (in other words: these Chinese non-Muslims, in Indonesia, are behaving as de facto dhimmis, staying away from any obvious exercise of authority over Muslims – CM) but Mr Purnama has been a close ally of Mr Widodo for decades.  He was the deputy governor of Jakarta when Mr Widodo was governor, and took over when Mr Widodo stepped down in 2014 to contest the presidency.’

And now for the description of the let’s-hate-the-infidel rallies that quickly morphed into riots. As reported by Samantha Hawley, the ABC’s bureau chief in Indonesia.

“Jakarta Protests: Hardline Islamists Call for City’s Governor to be Arrested over Koran Comments’.

Hardline Islamists = pious sharia-pushing Muslims.  And it’s not just that they want him arrested. They want him removed from office – in order to assert the Islamic principle that non-Muslims must not ever be in any position of authority over Muslims – and they want him dead.  The punishment for ‘blasphemy’, is death. – CM

‘A protest in Jakarta has turned violent, with hardline Muslims attacking police and media crews and setting cars on fire.

Led mainly by the group known as Islamic Defenders Front, tens of thousands of protesters (ah yes, that tinyminorityofextremists that everyone always tells us have nothingtodowithIslam – CM) came out onto the streets of Jakarta to demand the arrest of Christian Govenror Basuku Tjahaja Purnama, also known as Ahok, for comments he made about the Koran.

Comments he made about the way in which certain Indonesian Muslims were invoking the Quran. – CM

‘Many of the protestors had dispersed after a day of largely peaceful protests outside the Presidential Palace.

‘But those who remained (how many, exactly? – CM) turned violent, clashing with (sic: attacking – CM) police, setting vehicles alight, and attacking a local television crew while they were on air.

‘Police were forced to deploy tear gas to disperse the protestors, with local television footage showing a fire breaking out.

‘A police spokesman said one person died and 12 were injured.

‘Protestors had been trying to break through the police line.  Helicopters hovered in the air and more police and soldiers were brought in.

‘Muslim groups have accused Mr Purnama of blasphemy (for which the sharia punishment is death; this is therefore a summons to pious Muslims to assassinate him – CM) after he said his opponents had deceived voters by attacking him using a verse from the scripture.

‘Duriing the protests, some began throwing rocks and bottles at riot police, while others chanted that the Governor should be killed.

They threw rocks? Where did they get rocks, in downtown Jakarta?  They must have brought the rocks with them to the ‘rally’. – CM

Security was tightened in Jakarta – a sprawling city of 10 million – ahead of the protests, and police deployed armoured vehicles and armed personnel in the area.

‘Military helicopters also hovered in the skies above, with fears extremists in the group could turn violent.

‘Earlier, Indonesian President Joko Widodo and his Vice President called for peace as tensions rose ahead of the demonstrations…

‘Tensions rose’. What that means, in reality, is that non-Muslim residents of the city, especially those belonging to  its productive and hard-working and peaceful and generally carefully apolitical Chinese non-Muslim minority, became fearful, wondering whether they would be attacked by the Muslim mob.  The mass-murderous anti-Chinese (and, therefore, anti-Infidel) pogroms of the 1960s are well within living memory. – CM

‘Jakarta police said they would secure 26 sites across the capital.”

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