Iran, Oil Prices, The Economy — And The Cost Of The Nuclear Project


What has been the cost of the nuclear project? Hundreds of billions of dollars, not only to build these enormous, underground, heavily fortified gigantic installations, but also the amounts that  have been lost because  of American sanctions. And those sanctions are likely to be much more severe, in coming months. And what if Iran does acquire a nuclear weapon, or two? Does the Iranian government think, at that point, the sanctions will come off, because there is now no point to them? Not at all: the sanctions will not only remain, but become much more severe still. And they will remain on, if need be, forever.

And what will Iran do with its one or two or three nuclear weapons? Will it drop them on Israel, in order to win the praise of the Sunnis, who for fun kill Shi’a every day in Pakistan (it’s a pastime and a sport, it’s been going on for a long time)? Will the Sunnis in Yemen stop fighting with the Shi’a Houthis? Will the Sunnis in Syria stop trying to kill as many Shi’a (and Alawites, who have felt forced to present themselves as Shi’a) as they can? Will the Sunnis in Lebanon stop fighting Hezbollah, because of the wonderful spectacle of Iranian bombs falling on Israel? Would the Sunni ruler of Bahrain stop suppressing the Shi’a? Would Saudi Arabia halt its campaign against its own Shi’a, and the Shi’a of Iran, out of deep gratitude to Iran for dropping nuclear weapons on Israel?

The Islamic Republic of Iran is run by people who are simply unable  to figure out  that, as Shi’a, they will never be regarded as full-fledged Muslims, and certainly will never wiin the hearts and minds of those in Al-Qaeda, or the Islamic State, no matter what they do against Israel.

Oh, and aside from continued implacable Sunni hostility, and American sanctions without end, what else would happen to Iran? Do the Iranians not think that the Israelis will be unable to retaliate, retaliate in all kinds of ways, that will make life permanent hell for Iran or, more likely, bring the whole regime crashing down?


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  1. However much iran’s nuclear project is costing, it seems that the American taxpayer paid for a fair portion of it. Where else did Iraq get the $10 billion it gave to iran in exchange for those obsolete, rusted iranian weapons?

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