ISIS: An Army Of Psychopaths

Clinically speaking a psychopath is someone who is mentally ill. They are unable to empathize with the pain of other human beings and have a very extreme degree of antisocial behavior. The vast majority of serial killers are psychopaths. They derive a perverse degree of pleasure from torturing and brutalizing innocent human beings. And they feel no guilt over their destructive actions visited upon others.

ISIS may be the largest collection of psychopaths in the world. No where is there a great
collection of perverts and sadists to be found on the planet.

Let’s spend a few moments cataloging the sadism of ISIS.

The results of a Muslim following the teachings of Mohammed and the Koran

The results of a Muslim following the teachings of Mohammed and the Koran

First, they have murdered tens of thousands of people just in the last year. And they kill people in the most horrific of manners. Beheading with large knives is becoming the norm. Rather than decapitation with single swift stroke, human heads are sawed and twisted off. Again this process is designed to produce maximum agony for at least several minutes. ISIS has brought back crucifixion which often takes several days to kill through asphyxiation and blood loss. Then there is the torment of stoning women to death for several made up offenses. About the only mercy ISIS shows is a swift bullet to the back of the heads. Those people executed in this manner are the relative lucky ones. Often ISIS members laugh manically while carrying these gruesome executions.

From Mosul comes reports of women who suffered the amputation of their right hands for the crime of making a cell phone call. Thefts however minor are meted out the same punishment. Reliable reports indicate that smoking a cigarette rates the severing of a hand.

Thousands of women and girls have been raped twenty, thirty times per day or even more. However, Islamic fiends tell these females how privileged they are to have sex forced upon them by Muslims. Of course, forced sex is really not rape if it is being done with the blessing of Allah and sanctified by Mohammed.

Then there is the reappearance of slave auctions. In Mosul and Raqqa slave auctions are taking place. Women stripped nude are sold to the highest Muslim bidder. Young girls six to twelve years old command the very highest prices. Mohammed had a six year old wife. All of this is perfectly legal according to Sharia law. These women are repeatedly raped, resold and raped again time after time.

Often women kill themselves rather than submit to this monstrous unending nightmare.

ISIS has forced millions of Yazidis, Christians and, yes, Shias and Sunnis to flee for their very lives. Thank God for the Kurds who have given safe sanctuary to these refugees.

What do you do with mad dogs? For the sake of the safety of others they must be put down.

The entire civilized world, all who believe in basic human decency, must unite to drive the ISIS army back to the hell that spawned them. ISIS derives its psychopathology from the original Islamic psychopath, Mohammed. He committed all the above offenses over 1400 years ago and called them good. He even enshrined these practices under the codification of barbarism called Sharia. Sharia takes evil and blesses it. Sharia legalizes these horrors and makes them incumbent for every Muslim. Islam is all about power and the abuse of all non-Muslim people.

And ISIS has honed its psychopathology to a perverted razor’s edge of unending sadism and terror.


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  1. Genesis 1:26-7 says that on the sixth day the Lord created man “in His own image”, a passage that has been used against the institution of slavery and other forms of human degradation. That’s very inspiring, but when I look at the jihadis I wonder who in the hell created them.

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