ISIS supporter releases guide on establishing ‘Muslim gangs’, how to spread hate among Islamic communities, stop them integrating with non-Muslims, and using charities as fronts to raise cash


Jihadi supporters have been circulating a radical guidebook on social media, providing deadly instructions on how to create an active terror cell. The shocking handbook, which has not been named by the MailOnline, worryingly contains a chapter by chapter guide to financing ‘Muslim gangs’ and obtaining weapons in the UK.

The book appears to be targeting a British audience, with harrowing references to a number of Britain’s worst terror cases.

Behind the cover of a charitable organisation raising awareness of Islamic teachings, gang members are urged to draw in recruits covertly off the streets. 

Terrifyingly detailed bombmaking instructions are laid out in another chapter . . .  Gang members are encouraged to carry out muggings and acts of credit card fraud to pay for weapons and materials for large scale attacks. Even police anti-terror tactics are scrutinised, as well as lengthy quotes of guidance from the dead terror leader Abu Musab al-Zarqawi.  

It goes on to explain how to test improvised devices as well as obtain more money and weapons

Dedicated gang members are given plans on how to best board up houses from an impending terror raid, oddly referencing the American comedy film Home Alone as an example of defending your home. 

It praises Anjem Choudary for his knowledge of the law and claims people like the former spokesman for Islam4UK, ‘study the latest version of the Anti-Terrorism Act (Law)’ so they call for Islamic Law in the UK without being arrested.

The handbook draws on some of the latest terror arrest cases, including the jailing of 20-year-old Zakariya Ashiq, from Coventry, for allegedly trying to join ISIS.

It draws on short, distorted Qu’ranic quotes to justify why Muslims should only fear Allah and not show any fear of being jailed by the authorities.

The financial strategy of carrying out muggings and recruiting people by handing out leaflets on an Islamic street stall, was used by British jihadist Choukri Ellekhlifi before he travelled to Syria. Video footage emerged of Choukri Ellekhlifi working on a Dawah stall in West London, attempting to convert passers-by. He was also known for being part of a West London gang, who used tasers and mopeds to mug their victims

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