‘Islam will rule’: Graffiti sprayed on the side of a historic Bendigo church near where anti-mosque protesters began their rally


From the Daily Mail Australia

Graffiti saying ‘Islam will rule’ has been sprayed on the side of a historic church in Bendigo which is just minutes away from where 1,000 protesters held an anti-mosque rally.

All Saints Anglican Church, which dates back 140 years, is believed to have been vandalised on Saturday night after the large-scale protest against the building of a mosque in the area. Residents have spoken of their ‘shock’ at seeing the words emblazoned on the side of the church which is now disused after being decommissioned in July this year.

Minister Philip Burns from Bendigo Presbyterian Church, opposite All Saints, revealed that he noticed the graffiti on his way to church on Sunday morning.

‘It is really not a very nice thing to see on your way to church,’ he told Daily Mail Australia. “I have no clue who did it or whether it is in some way related to the protest. I’m just concerned for the owners as it is their responsibility to clear it up.”

The church lies on the corner of Forest Street and Mackenzie Street, just seven minutes walk from where protesters gathered in Rosalind Park, downtown Bendigo in Victoria. More than 420 uniformed police and riot squad staff stopped hundreds of protesters from the United Patriots Front and Rally for Diversity from clashing. 

There were four arrests, including two people caught carrying knives in public places, one for carrying a flare and one for an assault.

It is the second time protesters have clashed over plans to build a mosque the last two months.

Bendigo city centre was previously shut down in August when hundreds of people gathered for counter-rallies. 

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  1. I believe that this Graffiti was almost certainly painted by a Muslim. The reason is that the same slogan has put on buildings in Preston, Thornbury and Coburg well before the issue in Bendigo.

    On High St Thornbury, between Normanby Aveneue and Dundas Street on buildings on the Western side of the street there is some of this graffiti there right now.

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