Islamic hackers pull down English Defence League website on eve of controversial ‘mega-mosque’ protest

From the Mirror (which should be renamed The Shadow, as it is a shadow of its former self)

An Islamic hacker group has wrecked the English Defence League website after labelling it an “anti-Muslim hate organisation”.A group called the Izzah Hackers hobbled the EDL page as part of a campaign called #OpIzzah aimed at stopping “Islamophobic” groups from spreading their messages online.

The attack comes the day before a protest against the proposed construction of a mosque in Dudley, a town near Wolverhampton.

Thugs will march through Dudley and demand the council veto the building of a “mega mosque”, which was given the go-ahead last year following a seven year planning battle. We must remember that the Mirror, for many years a sound working class newspaper has abandoned its core readership with gusto and now funds the anti-English organisation Hope not Hate (or Dopes without Soap, as some call them). They have not got the situation regarding the council and the proposed mosque quite right either

A spokesman for the Muslim hacktivist group told Mirror Online: “Our operation was launched to defend Islam and Muslims from anti-Muslim hatred.

Hackers from the group have hit a number of Israeli sites in support of Palestine, as well as a page operated by Pamela Geller, a controversial and outspoken critic of extremist Islam.

This week, the Izzah Hackers claimed to have brought down the Israel Weapon Industries website, calling the firm a “a world leader in small arms for the past 70 years”. The company is renowned for the quality of its weapons, which include the Uzi submachine gun.

These are almost certainly criminal offences and I do hope that the Mirror is not withholding useful information from the police. Repeating the groups ‘anti-racist’ tweets is no defence. 

I understand from one who is there that the turnout in Dudley this afternoon is good. I hope to have more later.

Live updates from local paper here 

Up to 2,000 English Defence League members were arriving in Dudley today as the town prepared for its third rally in five years.

Speeches are in progress, plus photographs and some video showing the turnout.


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  1. Sez the mohammedan mobsters – “Our operation was launched to defend Islam and Muslims from anti-Muslim hatred”.

    Translation: “Our operation was undertaken in order to crush every last sign of infidel resistance against Jihad”.

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