Islamists are like Suffragettes claims Moazzam Begg in Anti-government talk last night


An exclusive report from Breitbart London

Despite the best efforts of the National Union of Students (NUS) president and the Prime Minister – students, lectures and Islamists gathered to hear former Guantanamo detainee and CAGE grandee Moazzam Begg preach about “Islamophobia” and Britain’s “racist” government at the University College London (UCL) last night.

Begg, who was been arrested multiple times though never convicted on terror charges, has recently made headlines for his group praising ISIS terrorist Jihadi John as a “beautiful man”.

“This is a safe space,” were the opening words of last night’s Students Not Suspects event. “No one should feel offended, insulted or uncomfortable,” said the chairman, before pointing out the five “safe space officers” in the room and the “safe space hotline” which was available to call should anyone have their opinions challenged. She then told the audience the event was about “protecting free speech.”

It was the first in a nationwide “Students Not Suspects” tour organised by NUS Black Students with CAGE. The two groups are co-ordinating with the aim of helping students and lecturers resist, protest and lobby against Section 26 of the Counter-Terrorism and Security Act 2015, better known as PREVENT, which compels teachers and some healthcare workers “to take due regard to preventing people being drawn into terrorism.”

“PREVENT,” said lawyer Rachel Harger, “institutionalises division… and is driven by Islamophobia.” She queried: “Why is it that 90 per cent of people effected by PREVENT are Muslim?”

The star speaker, Moazzam Begg, took to the stage to rapturous applause:  

He appeared to defend extremism by comparing it with the Suffragettes. His past confession of being an Al Qaeda recruiter is perhaps not what Emmeline Pankhurst was thinking of. Regardless, he asserted: “We know that, in the week that the film ‘Suffragette‘ has just been released, that radicalism is a good thing, right? Radicals fighting for the right to vote is a bad thing? Being radical is a bad thing – that is what deradicalisation programmes teach. ..What is pushing people into extremism is that there is nowhere left to air, to argue and to channel your anger, your dismay and your sorrow at what you see on your TV screens happening in Palestine, Iraq and Syria,” he claimed.

Around 75 students attended the event last night at UCL, with the series set to continue across the country despite a promise from the NUS not to work with CAGE.

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