Israel: Rock-Throwing Muslim Rioter Attacks IDF, Gets Shot Dead

Or at least, his fellow Arab Muslims say that he was shot dead.  Whether he was or not, who knows?

Yet another report on the low-level jihad waged by Muslims within and around Israel.  This one features a Muslim riot that claimed – as excuse du jour – the recent announcement by US President Trump recognising Jerusalem as capital city of Israel.

From David Rosenberg of Israel National News, on 15th January.

‘Arab Rioter Shot Dead as Anti-Trump “Uprising” Continues.

‘Riots in western Samaria along pre-1967 border (sic: Israeli reporters should know better than to call it a border – CM) protest (or claim to be protesting – CM) Trump’s Jerusalem declaration.  Arab (sic: Muslim – CM) rioter shot and killed by IDF soldiers.

‘An Arab resident of the Palestinian Authority was shot and killed on Monday during a violent clash between anti-Trump protesters and Israeli security personnel near the PA-controlled city of Qalqiliya in western Samaria.

That is: “A Muslim resident of the so-called ‘Palestinian’ Authority was shot and killed on Monday after he and fellow rioters – claiming to be ‘protesting’ against President Trump’s recent declaration about Jerusalem – violently attacked Israeli security personnel near the PA-controlled Muslim colony of Qalqiliya in western Samaria.”  I say, ‘claiming to be protesting ..” because if Trump hadn’t made this declaration the Muslim mob would most likely have found some other excuse to throw rocks at IDF soldiers. – CM

‘Rioting broke out in the village of Jayyous, near Qalqiliya, in western Samaria on Monday afternoon, part of a series of violent demonstrations (sic: Muslim riots – CM) protesting (claiming to be protesting – CM) President Donald Trump’s December 6th declaration recognising Jerusalem as Israel’s capital city.

‘During the protest (sic: riot – CM) which took place near the security barrier separating Samaria from pre-1967 Israel, rioters (the violent Muslim mob – CM) hurled rocks at Israeli security forces.  IDF forces opened fire, killing one rioter, the Palestinian Authority claimed.

They say he was killed.  But do we know for sure? If the IDF said he was killed, I’d believe it.  But if the PA says he was killed… who knows, what if he copped a hit from a rock thrown by one of his dear mohammedan bruvvas, during the melee? – CM

‘According to the PA’s health ministry, the slain rioter was identified as 24 year old Ahmed Saleem.

Assuming that he was killed by IDF defensive fire, rather than getting whacked by a badly-aimed rock from his own side, the moral is: don’t bring a rock to a gunfight.  Like so many other Muslims who throw rocks at Jews – Muslims who throw huge rocks at young Jewish parents driving a car full of children, Muslims who throw rocks at unarmed mourners visiting the graves at the ancient Mount of Olives cemetery, or the would-be lynch-mob of Muslims who threw rocks and sprayed teargas on a party of terrified Jewish schoolchildren – this Muslim – filled with the sacralised Jew-hatred hardwired into the founding texts of his cult – intended, if he could, to kill. Instead, his Jewish victim, no dhimmi, acted in self-defence, and killed him.  Good riddance. – CM

‘According to the PA’s health ministery, the slain rioter was identified as 24 year old Ahmed Saleem.

‘The IDF confirmed that soldiers opened fire after coming under a barrage of stones hurled by dozens of rioters.

“In response to the violence, soldiers responded with riot dispersal means and live rounds”, an IDF spokesperson said on Monday evening, adding that the army was “looking into” reports that a rioter had been killed.

Drones of the right sort hovering and filming the proceedings might come in very handy in cases like this.  I wonder how many times in cases like this it would turn out that the mohammedan in fact copped a hit from a rock thrown by one of his fellow mohammedans? – CM

‘Since President Trump’s Jerusalem declaration, Arab rioters (sic: Muslim mobs – CM) have staged a series of violent demonstrations (have rioted violently several times – CM), beginning with a “Day of Rage” on Friday, December 8th [2017].

When is Friday not a ‘Day of Rage’ in the mohammedan calendar? – CM

‘Over the weekend PA chief Mahmoud Abbas praised the rioters, hailing the new wave of violence as an ‘uprising’ against Israel and the Trump administration.

If it wasn’t Trump’s declaration they’d have found some other excuse. And Muslim mobs were finding excuses to riot and attack Jews, long, long before the sovereign Jewish state of Israel was re-established on a portion of historic eretz Yisroel.  Episodes such as the Muslim pogrom against the peaceful unarmed torah scholars of Safed, and their families, in 1834, spring to mind, if one is historically informed.  Unfortunately for the mohammedan mobsters of today, the Jews inside Israel are no longer defenceless, no longer bound by the dhimma,which forbids any dhimmi from striking a Muslim … ever, not even in self-defence.  The IDF can and does use deadly force to defend Israel, and its people, against the Jihad, against violent mohammedan aggression.  – CM

‘On Sunday, Abbas addressed a gathering of the Palestinian Liberation Organisation’s 121 member Central Council in Ramallah, excoriating President Trump, demanding that the UK apologise for the 1917 Balfour Declaration, and declaring the Oslo Accords effectively null and void.”

The Oslo Accords were a snare and a delusion from the beginning, anyway, and neither Israel nor any other interested Infidel party – e.g. the US – should not have relied upon them for an instant.  They were never any more than a hudna; a temporary truce-‘treaty’, accepted by the Muslims in a period of relative weakness.  The model for all Mohammedan ‘treaty’-making with Infidels is the Treaty of Hudaybiyya, which mohammed feigningly made with the Meccans and then – as soon as he felt himself strong enough – treacherously broke. 

The proper response, therefore, to the rantings of a Mahmoud (i.e. Mohammed) Abbas, is to agree with him, coldly and calmly, ‘Actually, the Accords were always a sham… because Hudaybiyya.”   And then tell him, straightout: “You are at war with us, you have always been at war with us, because of the jihad directive within Islam; and having recognise this fact, we are henceforward ceasing from all appeasement, tribute, jizya, concessions and accommodations, and all stuffing around with ‘peace talks’ that go absolutely nowhere, and we are informing you plainly that whenever you attack us we will defend ourselves with the use of overwhelming force. You. have. been. warned.



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  1. When the toddlers are out screaming and throwing things, it’s hardly surprising that someone gets hurt. They need a time-out, preferably somewhere very far away, like in Syria.

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