New English Review

April 2015

Orchard with Blossoming Apricot Trees by Vincent Van Gogh



Of Chekhov, Dickens, Henley and Pascal

by Theodore Dalrymple

The Decline of Religion is a Delusion by Conrad Black

Books Do Furnish A Mind, Part I by Ibn Warraq

And Some Have Greatness Thrust From Them

by Theodore Dalrymple

Remembering Falstaff by David P. Gontar

Grave’s Disease? by Theodore Dalymple

A Reader’s Guide to the New York Musical Comedies of Betty Comden and Adolph Green

by Terry Dunford

Why it’s Worth Seeing The Sound of Music Again

by Norman Berdichevsky

Is the P5+1 Nuclear Deal with Iran a Case of Buyers Regret?  An Interview with Dr. Michael Rubin

by Jerry Gordon and Mike Bates

Paris – January 11: A Disturbing Event by Shmuel Trigano

Blaming Bibi, Ignoring Abbas by Joseph S. Spoerl

Broken Arrow by G. Murphy Donovan

Obama’s War on Israel

by Jerry Gordon and Ilana Freedman

Islamic Terrorism and the Essentialism Canard

by Richard Butrick

Orwell and Hitler by Ron Capshaw

The Islamic State Caliphate is Pure Islam

by Jerry Gordon with Bill Bennett and Dr. Michael Welner

Religious Indoctrination and the Creation of Terrorists

by Samir Yousif

The Caliphate Triumphant a review by Jerry Gordon

The Post-Racial Society Recedes Further

by Lorna Salzman

Portugal’s Attempts at Jewish Reparations and the Fig Leaf of Lusotropicalism

by Norman Berdichevsky

An Insecure Home Nestling in a Blood-Soaked Land

a review by Thomas Ország-Land

The New Order: On a Revolution in Education

by J. E. G. Dixon

The Mick by James Como

The Greatest Baseball Announcers: Bob Sheppard & Vin Scully

by Richard Kostelanetz

My Daughter’s Marrying a Tree, Should I Attend the Wedding?

by Joe Bissonnette

Bam vs. Bibi by Richard Kostelanetz


Inland by P. David Hornik

Nudes On The Beach by Gopikrishnan Kottoor

Crippled Crop by George Bailin

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