New English Review

August 2009


My Grandmother’s Paper Bag

               by Richard L. Rubenstein


Islam in Africa by Hugh Fitzgerald

The First African-American President Isn’t 

                       by Nidra Poller

Fujimori by Theodore Dalrymple  

Wrestling With Paul by Rebecca Bynum


Chelm on the Charles River 

               by Jerry Gordon


Lockwood de Forest, Ahmadabad, and American Orientalism 

               by Ibn Warraq


“Edot HaMizrah” Israel’s Oriental Jewish Communities

               by Norman Berdichevsky


Pornography by Mary Jackson



The Neglect of English Classical Music

               by David Hamilton


“Bill of Rights” in the Constitution of India 

               by G. B. Singh


An Interview with American Israeli Venture Capitalist Jonathan Medved

               by Jerry Gordon


Stranger Danger – Is Every Man a Suspect?

                         by Mary Jackson


Greeley, Colorado Christian Zionist Group Protest Somali-Imposed Sharia in their Community

                         by Jerry Gordon

Inn Signs of England

               by Esmerelda Weatherwax

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                              — Bruce Bawer


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