New English Review

June 2016

Mirbeau’s Garden, the Terrace by Camille Pissarro


Why Orlando Mass Murder Was Predictable

by Peter McLoughlin


More of the Same: Hillary Clinton’s Foreign Policy Speech

by Rebecca Bynum


Renan Revisited by Theodore Dalrymple


The Incoherence of the Obama-Clinton Foreign Policy

by Conrad Black


Why Bernie Loses by G. Murphy Donovan


CAIR: “Do Nothing Till You Hear From Me”

by Hugh Fitzgerald


The Shakespearean Moment by David P. Gontar


The Myth of the Primeval Matriarchy by Emmet Scott


Convenience Conversions and an Inconvenient Truth

by Hugh Fitzgerald


Mahometanism, Ahmadi Islam and the Third Way

by Richard Butrick


He Said-They Said: Mahmoud Abbas October 14th speech, and the Mainstream Media

by Robert Harris


Israel at 68 – Growth, Progress, Prosperity and Defiance

by Norman Berdichevsky


Brexit to Brentrance: Why Britain Should Switch Membership from the EU for the EEU

by James Buckham


Brown University Around 1960 by Richard Kostelanetz


Why Johnny Still Can’t Write by Samuel Hux


Dog Day Afternoon by Theodore Dalrymple


Celebrity Seduction: Cosby, Clinton, Trump

by Richard Kostelanetz


Book Review:

A Note on Gossip by James Como

Short Stories:

Freedom is Academic by Timothy D. Lusch


Muhammad and Two Assassins Make Waraka ibn Nawfal Into a Metaphor

by A. Human Being


Antonia’s Song by Evelyn Hooven


Convergence by Bibhu Padhi


The Secretary-General’s Lament by Brandon Marlon


What Do You Know? by Dilip Mohapatra


The Children of Sderot by David Solway


Cinema by Ankur Betageri


Journeys to Hell by András Mezei

translated by Thomas Ország-Land


Coffee Break by Sanjeev Sethi


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