New English Review

March 2014

View of the Colliers´ Hut in the Forest of Fontainebleau by Théodore Rousseau



Coming Up Tramps by Theodore Dalrymple


Can We Withstand the Divine Gaze? by Rebecca Bynum


Justice Tempered With Mercy by Conrad Black


Life's a Swindle by Theodore Dalrymple


Last Days in the Garden of Eden – Among the Pygmies of the Central African Republic


by Geoffrey Clarfield


“Dost Know This Water-fly?”  – Effeminacy in Shakespeare


by David P. Gontar


Small Latin and Lesse Greek – a Theory No Longer Fit for Purpose?


by Keith Hopkins


Has Iran Developed Nuclear Weapons in North Korea?


by Jerry Gordon


Harry Browne, and the Hypocrisy of the Irish ‘Academics for Palestine’ Boycott

by Robert Harris


An American Child Kidnapped in Accordance with Shariah

by Jerry Gordon


When Is Harassment Not Harassment? When It’s Via Twitter


by Catstrangler101


Why Islam is a Cult by Richard Hobbs


Minneapolis Fire Investigation Reveals Money Launderer for Al Shabaab


by Jerry Gordon


Obama’s Pen, Phone and Scissors by Norman Berdichevsky


The Peril of Engaging Rogue States: An Interview with Dr. Michael Rubin


by Jerry Gordon


Engagement is Folly a review by Jerry Gordon


Ecology vs. Social Justice: A Contrived Conflict


by Lorna Salzman


Letter to a Selfish Child by G. Murphy Donovan


Review of Journal of Modern Wisdom Volumes I & II


by Travis Dumsday


Life in the Mind by Moshe Dann


Kosti's Ambrose by Richard Kostelanetz




Is This the Last Day of Autumn in Dhenkanal? by Bibhu Padhi


A Doge by Rainer Maria Rilke translated by Len Krisak


Survival in Sodom by Magda Székely

translated from the Hungarian and edited by Thomas Ország-Land


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