New English Review

May 2015

The Railway by Édouard Manet



Remembering Vietnam, But Why Do We Still Stumble Into Futile Wars?

by Louis René Beres

All Men Are Created Snobs by Theodore Dalrymple

A Better Spring by Rebecca Bynum

Waiting for the Messiah: the Dead Sea Scrolls and the Origins of Christianity

by Moshe Dann

Books Do Furnish A Mind, Part II by Ibn Warraq

Falstaff the Brave by Theodore Dalrymple

“The Tongue is Also a Fire”: The Left, Madness, and Manners

by James Como

Doing the Charleston by Theodore Dalrymple

Facebook of Failure by G. Murphy Donovan

After Failing to Preempt: Israel, Iran and Nuclear War

by Louis René Beres

The Bloom Is Off the Clinton Rose by Conrad Black

Hillary’s Jewels by G. Murphy Donovan

Commemoration of the Armenian Genocide and the Polish Jew Who Criminalized It

by Jerry Gordon

The Other Forgotten International Brigade

by Norman Berdichevsky

Hell and Good Company: The Spanish Civil War and The World It Made

a review by Ron Capshaw

ISIS Threat to America: an Interview with Erick Stakelbeck

by Jerry Gordon and Mike Bates

Stemming the Surge of Deadly Illegal Migration Across the Mediterranean

by Jerry Gordon

A Surprising Visit to London’s Polish Institute & Museum

by S. Joseph Arroyo

Victims of “Affirmative Action”: Bam, Tom, & Dubya

by Richard Kostelanetz

A Case Study in Cultural Decline: Rock Music

by Bradford Tuckfield

A Whisper in the Wind – An HBO Scenario

by Geoffrey Clarfield

The Essay Jonathan Franzen Should Have Written

by Lorna Salzman

Corrections by Richard Kostelanetz

Short Story:

I Am Trudy Besser by David P. Gontar


At Coole Park by William Ruleman

Evening, Winter by Bibhu Padhi

Out on the Hill by P. David Hornik

Mama by George Bailin

Neither Memories Nor Magic by Miklós Radnóti

translated by Thomas Ország-Land



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