New English Review

May 2016

Meadow by
Alfred Sisley


Trump Foreign Policy: Regaining America’s Respect

by Robert Rabil


Donald Trump Says “No Thanks” to Most of the Republican Foreign Policy Establishment

by Rebecca Bynum


Let Us Praise Ordinary Men by Theodore Dalrymple


Why I Am A Proud Trump Republican by Rebecca Bynum


The Trump Brexit Intersection by Conrad Black


Denial by G. Murphy Donovan


Is “Never Again” Happening Again? by Dr. Lori Ripps and Molly Gross

Introduction by Jerry Gordon


Homo Kaplanensis: “Europe Was Defined By Islam. And Islam Is Redefining It Now.”

by Hugh Fitzgerald


Islamophobiacs: the Unwitting Abettors of Islamo-Supremacism

by Richard Butrick


Cowboys and Indians—and the Racism Myth by Samuel Hux


The New Plutocracy: How Democrats Betrayed Their Origins

by Lorna Salzman


Have Sanctions Stopped Joint Iran – North Korea Nuclear ICBM Development?

by Jerry Gordon and Ilana Freedman


Noam Chomsky in 1969 by Richard Kostelanetz


The Abolition of Slavery in the Danish West Indies and the Governor’s Mulatto Mistress

by Norman Berdichevsky


Journey to India with Story of Books by Lizhi He


Missive to a Millennial by G. Murphy Donovan


Shakespeare Undoes Chivalry by David P. Gontar

Short Story:

Alaattin and the Jinn by A. Human Being


Time and Loss: Variations by Evelyn Hooven


Portrait of an Orientalist by David Solway


Looking At Myself by Bibhu Padhi


Disturbing, Distant, Muffled Sounds by Miklós Radnóti

translated by Thomas Ország-Land


My Eyes Thirsty by Sutapa Chaudhuri


Oh, Brother Mine by James Como


Identity by Dilip Mohapatra


Up on the Roof by P. David Hornik


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