Jihad recruiter sentenced to 20 years in Austria


From the Austrian edition of The Local

A Muslim preacher at the centre of an Austrian jihad propaganda network was sentenced to 20 years in jail on Wednesday for recruiting young fighters to the Islamic State group.

A court in the southern city of Graz found the preacher, who goes by the name of Ebu Tejma, guilty of belonging to a terrorist organisation and of inciting terrorist attacks following a trial that has been running since February. The 34-year-old “brainwashed” dozens of people aged between 14 and 30, according to the public prosecutor, and recruited a number of them to fight for the jihadist organisation in Syria. 

Tejma fled from Bosnia to Vienna following the break-up of Yugoslavia and preached in various Austrian and southern German cities, becoming a “key figure” in pushing IS propaganda, the prosecution said. He was arrested during a far-reaching crackdown on Austrian jihadist networks in 2014 and denies the charges against him. 

A second accused was sentenced to 10 years for his involvement in recruiting fighters, as well as taking part in IS attacks in Syria. 

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  1. Coming in late here; updating my assorted jihad-related e-clippings files, in this case, the file to do with jihad activity in Austria.

    An Islamic preacher, eh, recruiting for Jihad?

    Query: is he or has he been regularly and in any official or semiofficial or unofficial (but regular and repeated) capacity associated with any particular known mosque, or mosques?

    If so: have it (or they, if more than one) and all associated premises including bookshops, imams'/ sheikhs' houses, madrasas and businesses, been surveilled, investigated, and, preferably, surprise-searched… and shut down, and, if not in heritage previously-infidel premises suitable for repurposing for infidel benefit, razed to the ground?   If any given mosque has harboured this creature, employed him, or permitted him to operate from its environs in any sort of official way, or if he has been regularly associated (though with 'plausible deniability') then that mosque, or military advance base of the ummah or mohammedan mob, should not be in operation; indeed it should no longer still be standing.

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