Jihad Terror In Jerusalem: Muslim Arab Shooter Murders Two Jews, Wounds Six; Gets Shot Dead by Cops

I will give the three main reports that appeared in three Israeli English-language news outlets; and then the version that appeared in our Aussie ABC.  Compare and contrast.

First, here is the initial report from Uzi Baruch for Israel National News.


“Two Murdered, Six Wounded in Jerusalem Terror Attack”

‘Two people were killed (that is: murdered – CM) and six others injured after a terrorist (that is: a Muslim Arab terrorist – CM) opened fire (instead of “opened fire” a better wording would be “shot at them” – CM) Sunday morning opposite the police station in northern Jerusalem, according to reports by MDA (that is: Magen David Adom, Red Star of David, the Jewish equivalent of our “Red Cross” – CM) and police.

‘The attack took place at two different locations.

‘A white car stopped and opened fire (or, rather, “A white car stopped and its occupant began shooting…” – CM) at the Ammunition Hill light rail station, located at the Central Police Headquarters intersection, injuring those standing at the station.

‘The driver then drove to the Shimon Ha-tzadik station and opened fire, wounding more passers by.

‘He was then reportedly eliminated by a Special Patrol unit of motorized police as he tried to escape into the Arab Sheikh Jarrah neighbourhood (that is: “into the Muslim-dominated Sheikh Jarrah neighbourhood” – CM).

‘Two of the injured are described as in moderate to serious condition; two are lightly injured.

Two of them, a 30 year old policeman and 60 year old woman, were described as in critical condition.

They died of their wounds. – CM

‘They were evacuated to the nearby Hadassah Mount Scopus Hospital, together with two other casualties in moderate and light condition.

‘Three more were evacuated to Shaarei Tzedek hospital, one in moderate condition and two lightly injured, and another lightly injured person was evacuated to Hadassah in Ein Kerem.  Another four people were treated at the scene for shock.

‘MDA paramedic Aron Adler was one of the first to arrive on the scene with a MDA advance care motorcycle: “When I arrived on the scene on Haim Bar Lev Street, I noticed a 60 year old woman with shot wounds in her upper body.  She was unconscious with no heart rate and didn’t seem to be breathing.  We provided her with lifesaving initial medical treatment and transferred her onto a MDA intensive care vehicle.  She was evacuated to Hadassah hospital in critical condition.

(She later died; in a subsequent brief newsflash Israel National News reported that her name had been cleared for publication – “Livna Hamama, a resident of Jerusalem”.  May G-d comfort her family and execute justice upon those who incited and enabled the murderer. – CM)

“We then received a call about two more poeple wounded on Shimon Hatzadik Street, so I immediately headed over there with my motorcycle.  When I arrived I noticed two males in their 30s.  One was conscious and had injuries to his limbs while the other was unconscious and suffered from wounds in his upper body.  We quickly evacuated the two while hydrating them, stopping their bleeding, and medicating them for pain.”..:’.

And now to Jerusalem Post, via Daniel K Eisenbud and JPost staff.


“Police Officer and Civilian Killed, Four Wounded in Jerusalem Vehicular Terrorist Attack.

Palestinian (sic: Muslim Arab CM) Suspect Killed During Gun Battle With Police in Sheik Jarra; Police Chief Asks Public to Remain Calm, not to alter plans to visit capital for High Holy Days.

‘A Special Patrol officer and an elderly female civilian (that is: an elderly Jewish woman – CM) were shot and killed, and four others lightly and seriously wounded, during a two-point vehicular terrorist attack carried out near police headquarters in Jerusalem’s Ammunition Hill, and the nearby Sheik Jarrah neighbourhood.

‘The terrorist, an east Jerusalem resident (that is: “a Jerusalem-resident Muslim Arab” – CM) was shot dead during an exchange of gunfire with police in Sheik Jarrah.

One less jihadist.  And since he was killed resisting arrest rather than captured alive, the Israelis will not now have the trouble and expense of a trial, nor of feeding and housing a genocidal jihadist in prison. –  CM

‘The attack began at approximately 10.30 am, when the terrorist, who was driving a white vehicle, opened fire on a male and female civilian near the Ammunition Hill light rail stop, across the street from Police Headquarters.

He didn’t attack Police Headquarters. He attacked two ordinary Jews in the street. – CM

“The terrorist opened fire on two people and one woman in her 60s was wounded critically (well, as it turned out, fatally; the jihadist shot her dead – CM) and a man was moderately to seriously wounded”, said police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld.

The Muslim terrorist, with his gun, shot two unarmed Jewish civilians. – CM

‘The woman died of her wounds a short time later at Hadassah University Medical Centre in Mount Scopus, said Rosenfeld.

“After shooting the two civilians, the suspect continued driving his vehicle into the Sheik Jarrah neighbourhood, where two officers on motorcycles from the Special Patrol Unit chased him.  Shots were fired at our officers, who returned fire, and the terrorist was shot and killed at the scene.

Good riddance. – CM

‘Rosenfeld said one officer, who was shot in the head at close range, later died of his wounds at Hadassah’s Mount Scopus hospital, while the second officer was treated for a gun wound to his leg.

“Sadly, an officer from our Special Patrol Unit passed away”, said Rosenfeld.

‘During the gun battle, Rosenfeld said, an unidentified woman was also shot by the terrorist.  She is in serious condition.

“Police immediately closed off the area, and bomb disposal experts arrived at the scene within minutes and examined the vehicle to ensure there were no explosives”, he said.  “A forensics team then collected evidence.”

‘ZAKA volunteer Aharon (Are-le) Pomp said he provided first aid for the wounded in Sheik Jarrah, before helping transfer the two officers and civilians to area hospitals, including Shaare Zedek Medical Centre.

“When I got there, I assisted in the care and CPR of the wounded before the evacuation to the hospital”, said Pomp.  “The ZAKA Jerusalem volunteers remained at the scene to collect the remains.”

‘ZAKA Chairman Yehuda Meshi-Zahav said the organisation will remain “on high alert at this time, not only in Jerusalem but also throughout the country”….

“During a brief press conference at the scene of the attack, Public Security Minister Gilad Erdan said no intelligence was received beforehand, adding that the terrorist had an Israeli identification card.

The Muslim Fifth Column. Got Muslims? Got Jihad.  Israel has a huge Mohammedan colony inside its borders, and  some of those Muslims, every now and again, Go Jihad… just as this one did.  Just like so many other countries, Israel is still playing the deadly game of “Muslim Roulette”.  – CM

‘Due to a gag order, Erdan said he could not divulge details about the investigation, but noted that because thousands of police reinforcements have been deployed in Jerusalem for the High Holy Days, further bloodshed was prevented.

‘The minister said that incitement on social media (that is: anti-Jewish incitement engaged in by many Muslim Arabs – CM) continues to contribute to the spate of lone-wolf (sic: they are not ‘lone wolves’; they belong to the ummah, the sheltering, concealing and nurturing sea out of which they arise naturally and continuously – CM) terror attacks that have taken place over the past year.  He cited Facebook specifically, saying that the social network has a responsibility to fight deadly incitement.

The only way to be sure of that is not to allow identifiable Mohammedans to use the network. – CM

‘Police Chief Insp.Gen. Roni Alsheich, who also rushed to the scene, called on the public to remain alert, but not to change their daily routines.

“It is not surprising that there are people (sic: Muslims – CM) who are attempting to shatter the tranquility of the holidays and hurt Israeli morale”, said Alsheich.  “However, the people of Jerusalem are strong and will not be deterred by such attacks”.

‘Alsheich added that despite the deadly violence there is “no change in the security assessment, and no need to change behaviour”, noting that those planning to visit Jerusalem for the High Holy Days should not alter their plans.

‘While Alsheich said police remain well-prepared for more violence, he conceded that Sunday’s attack may embolden other lone-wolf (sic – CM) assailants.

‘Hamas praised the “heroic Jerusalem operation” (so, in the eyes of Muslims, shooting dead a 60 year old unarmed Jewish woman is heroic??? – Islam = thuggery and bullying to the nth degree – CM)  and said it considers the attack “a natural response to the occupation’s crimes and violations at the expense of our people and holy sites”.

Pffffft.  All the most ancient holy sites in Jerusalem are Jewish, not Muslim, in origin. It is Muslims who are squatting upon and defiling Jewish sites such as the Temple Mount; not the other way around.  Hamas is engaging in a typically nauseating exhibition of Muslim reversal of reality. – CM

‘The terrorist organisation’s spokesman Fawzi Barhoum said the murders are “confirmation of the continuation of the intifada”, adding that “all the occupation’s attempts to break and liquidate it will fail”.

Only so long as many in Israel still fail to recognise Islam, Islam, Islam as the source of Muslim Jew-hatred and genocidal Jihad, and the Ummah or Mohammedan Mob as the mother of all terrorist organisations.  Once enough Israeli Jews wake up and shake off a semi-dhimmi mindset, and start taking real defensive action, then Hamas and their abominable ilk won’t know what hit them. – CM

‘Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu… praised the heroism and rapid response by police, and said the details of the investigation were still being gathered.”

Now, ynet (and click on the link; there are some interesting Comments).


‘Two Killed in Jerusalem Shooting Attack.

‘A police officer and a 60 year old woman (that is: a Jewish police officer and a 60 year old Jewish woman – CM) were killed (sic: murdered – CM) and five injured (and every one of those injured should be classified as the victims of attempted murder – CM) Sunday morning after a terrorist (sic: a Muslim terrorist – CM) committed a shooting (shot at them – CM) near a police station next to the Ammunition Hill light rail station in Jerusalem.

‘According to a police report released shortly after the incident, the terrorist, who had previously served five prison sentences for a variety of offences including aggravated battery, illicit military training, and setting fire to vehicles (what a rap sheet; he should have been stripped of his Israeli citizenship, for which he obviously has total contempt, and dumped over the fence into Gaza the moment his most recent prison sentence was served – CM)  opened fire from within his vehicle on people (that is: at Jews – CM) standing by the station situated opposite police headquarters.

‘The terrorist – later identified as a 39 year old (i.e. a 39 year old  Muslim Arab – CM) from the East Jerusalem neighbourhood of Silwan (i.e. “from the Muslim-occupied neighbourhood of Silwan in Jerusalem” – CM) and a full Israeli citizen – then fled the scene, continuing his rampage as he shot two people (that is: two Jews – CM) sitting in their car.

‘He then proceeded in the direction of the Tomb of Simeon the Just in Sheikh Jarrah, where he stopped his vehicle and began shooting at riot police who were pursuing him on motorbikes.

‘One of the officers was critically injured during the shootout and died from his wounds shortly thereafter.  Another policeman was also lightly wounded in the exchange of fire.  Israel Border Police spotted the terrorist before shooting him dead.

‘Security forces began conducting searches for additional suspects, setting up a number of roadblocks in the area.

‘Paramedics arrived on the scene where they treated multiple victims..

‘Minister of Public Security Gilad Erdan arrived at the scene and spoke with the press, telling them there was no forewarning of the attack. “But we have said the whole time that because of the increase in the amount of incitement many will plan lone-wolf attacks” he added.

Imams sheiks and any number of others are busy ginning up jihad. – CM

‘Erdan then went on to attribute responsibility for the attack to Facebook.  “In my opinion Facebook and other social media sites bear direct responsibility.  It was two or three weeks ago that Facebook reopened Hamas’ pages following Palestinian [sic: Muslim Arab – CM] public pressure.  In my eyes, it’s scandalous.”

Don’t just look at FB, though.  Take a good long hard look at what is being preached daily in every mosque inside and around Israel… The incitement begins in the mosques before it gets spread via FB. – CM

“I don’t necessarily draw a connection between this and the current attack”, the minister clarified.

‘It is not the first time that Erdan has espoused his vociferous opposition to the paucity of effective measures to counter rife online incitement.

‘Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat said, “Once again we are witness to cruel, merciless terror aimed at innocent civilians.  (That is: Muslim jihad terror aimed at innocent Jewish civilians – CM).  (The terrorists) are trying to disrupt our lives and harm us. (Dear Mayor: it’s not just that.  These Muslim ghazi raiders are seeking to obtain ‘paradise’ by waging jihad fi sabil allah, by slaying and being slain, as the Quran encourages them to do.  And their worldly intention is to destroy the Jewish state of Israel, as part of the Islamic drive to seek and to obtain Total World Domination. – CM). 

“I wish all the wounded a speedy recovery.

“We will not bow.  We will continue to live our lives, despite the uncompromising war on terror and wild incitement.  I praise our security forces that acted immediately, got to the terrorist and neutralized him.  I want to congratulate them for the holy work they perform year round, especially during the holiday period”, Barkat said.

‘Hamas spokesman Fawzi Barhoum stated the attack was “a natural reaction to the continued crime of the occupation against Palestinians and the Al-Aqsa Mosque”.

The thing that offends this megalomaniac is the continued existence of a sovereign infidel Jewish state on ancestral and historic Jewish land that was, in the 7th century, invaded, stolen and occupied, and its many sacred and historic Hebrew sites squatted upon and defiled by Muslim imperialists  That so-called Al Aqsa mosque was built slap bang on top of Judaism’s most holy place, the Temple Mount, that was holy to Jews for more than a thousand year before Islam, the religion of blood and war and death and slavery and murder and rape, was ever invented.  Hamas cannot endure that the Jews forced the Ummah to disgorge a part of its ill-gotten gains,  threw off dhimmitude, and regained sovereignty over part of the historic Jewish homeland. 

And now we go to what Australia’s ABC – whose reporters and editors could perfectly well have consulted the English-language Jewish press and read through all the material that I have just reproduced above, and more – produced when they chose to report upon this latest Muslim murder of Jews in Jerusalem.


‘Palestinian Assailant Kills Two, Wounds Five in Jerusalem Before Being Shot Dead By Police”.

I’ll give the ABC one point for stating what the attacker did before referring to his unlamented demise.  They would have got more points, had they written “Muslim Arab” or merely “Muslim”.  Imagine if they had had the guts to write “Muslim Arab Murders Two Jews, Wounds Five in Jerusalem…”. – CM

‘A Palestinian motorist (sic: a ‘Palestinian’ Muslim Arab motorist – CM) launched a shooting spree near the Israeli police headquarters in Jerusalem, killing two people (that is: murdering two Jews – CM) and wounding five before being shot dead, Israeli police and emergency services say.

‘Police spokeswoman Luba Samri said the attacker sped toward a busy stop of the city’s light rail and opened fire, seriously wounding a 60 year old woman waiting there.

Observe that the wording avoids stating that the attacker deliberately fired at a 60 year old Jewish woman. He merely ‘opened fire’ in the vicinity of a train station. – CM

‘He then continued driving and shot another woman who was seated in her car, before speeding off toward an Arab (that is, Muslim CM) neighbourhood in east Jerusalem.

‘The assailant then drove off, chased by motorcycle police, and shot and wounded a woman motorist.

Observe: three of his deliberately chosen victims were women. – CM

‘Ms Samri said the assailant, identified as a 39 year old man (that is: Muslim man – CM) from the east Jerusalem neighbourhood of Silwan, eventually stepped out of his vehicle and opened fire at the officers.

He shot at the police, fully intending to kill. – CM

‘A 30 year old police officer was critically wounded in the shootout.

And later died, as we have seen from the various Israeli news reports.  The ABC should have been able to read those reports. – CM

‘A separate police force ultimately shot and killed the attacker, Ms Samri said.

“When the terrorist spotted the polcie he fired at them, and they managed to shoot and kill him”, she said.

‘Israel’s Magen David Adom emergency medical service said it treated seven wounded people, two of whom later died of their wounds.

‘Police cordoned off the area of the shooting and briefly shut down traffic on the light rail…

And now for the ritual reptition of the ‘comparative death toll’ – number of Muslim murderers and would-be murderers who get killed while attempting or achieving murder of Jews, versus the number of Jews they manage to murder (the number of Jewish victims who sustain serious injury but survive is never factored into the equation) that is routinely used to subliminally suggest that the poooooor ‘Palestinians’ are the real victims, because more of them are winding up dead.- CM

‘In the last year, at least 220 Palestinians have died in violent incidents in the Israeli-occupied West Bank, East Jerusalem, and the Gaza Strip.

Alternatively, and more truthfully: “in the last year, at least 220 local ‘Palestinian’ Arab Muslims [or one might cut right to the chase, and just write “Muslims”] have been killed during or after carrying out or attempting to carry out violent attacks on Jews in Judea, Samaria and Jerusalem, and in other parts of Israel including Tel Aviv. “– CM

‘Of these, 149 were identified by authorities as assailants while others were killed during clashes and protests.

‘Alternatively: Of these, 149 got killed after murdering or attempting to murder Jews, while others got killed attacking police or the IDF, in the course of riots and ‘protests’. – CM

‘Palestinians, many acting alone and with rudimentary weapons, have killed at least 33 Israelis and two visiting Americans in the attacks.

Alternatively: Responding to continuous incitement from mosques, their media and social media, local Muslim Arabs using cars in ramming attacks, or armed with knives, or axes, or guns, have murdered at least 33 Israeli Jews and two visiting American Jews and have attempted to murder – and seriously wounded – many others.  – CM



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  1. Thank you for this incisive exposure of the misleading language used to obfuscate jihad.  

    "Call things by their right names" – Confucius

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