Kidnapped Christians forced into marriage and Islam or infected with diseases and beheaded

From the Express

ONE of the hundreds of Nigerian schoolgirls kidnapped by Islamic terrorists Boko Haram has described how her fellow Christians were beheaded or forced into marriage and Islam.  Terrified Victoria Yohanna, 15, walked for seven hours to escape the barbaric Boko Haram – Islamic militants who have now become affiliated with ISIS.

While schoolgirls were forced into marriages and ordered to renounce their faith, her five younger brothers were forced into a “Koranic instruction”, trained to kill, and ordered to fight for Boko Haram.

On the way to the camp she described how “amidst intense gunfire, I saw how young adults were beheaded”. She said: “The Christian women were forced to recount their faith and become wives of the terrorists or be killed.” 

Recounting her horrifying experiences while controlled by the Nigerian terrorists, devout Christian Victoria revealed how she was forced to convert to Islam and even witnessed barbaric beheadings. Victoria and her family were kidnapped from Baga in north-east Borno State in January.  She added: “Boko Haram surrounded the city and went from home to home arresting people. Of course they wanted to form a counterfeit caliphate.”

She and her brothers made their miraculous escape after Victoria’s mother collected her boys from the Koranic instruction centre explaining that some of them were sick and needed to take tablets. When the terrorist in charge allowed her that night, she asked her children to pray. 

Another escapee said described how schoolgirls were inpregnated and infected with diseases.


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  1. Islamic terror is going on and on from the birth of islam,The time is not far away the whole of europe,asia,african people of other faiths going to suffer at the hands of Jihadis.

    None muslim women are going to suffer the most if the men of non muslim do not wake up and organise to crush the Jihadis.

  2. The church in many parts of the world is going to need some sort of formal liturgy and public restoration and catechesis/ exorcism process for people like Victoria Yohanna, who have – under severe duress – recited the Shahada. Just as the church in Roman times, during the great persecutions, was prepared to restore and accept those who had ‘broken’ under pressure and recanted their faith but then wished to rejoin the community.

    Rev Dr Mark Durie has begun work towards what is needed, in his booklet “Liberty to the Captives”, which includes specific prayers of renunciation and spiritual release for 1/ those who are leaving Islam and 2/ those who (or their forebears) have been enslaved by the Dhimma pact.

    Victoria and others like her will need care and counselling and lots and lots of prayer.

    The church recognises that there is always a way home; it needs also to recognise the horrible reality of the Nuaym bin Mas’uds, the double agents, and be prepared to engage in full-on spiritual warfare for the deliverance of wounded souls. Because we *do* confess and declare that YHWH, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, whom we Christians also confess as God and Father of Yehoshuah the Messiah, has *all* authority and is perfectly capable of delivering people from the bondage of Islam; that allah the grubby little rock-spider demon spirit from arabia is NOTHING, nothing at all, that it will vanish like one speck of ash or dust, in the face of the avalanching fire of the divine Glory.

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