Lakemba, Australia: Muslim Uses Bakery Business To Ensnare Women for Rape

A story that appeared in the ABC in late August.  Initially, there were no names involved, but the fact that it was happening in Lakemba – one of Sydney’s, and indeed Australia’s – most heavily Islamised suburbs, made me wonder.  And when a follow up story appeared, with the name of the perp, all became clear.

‘Women Attacked After Answering Online Ad for Sydney Bakery Job’

‘A man has been granted bail by a Sydney court after being charged over attacks on two women who answered an online advertisement for a job in a bakery.

‘Police said a 20 year old woman went to an address at Haldon Street, Lakemba, in July, after seeing the job advertised on a website.

‘It is alleged the woman was indecently assaulted by a man at the business.

‘Last week a 21 year old woman went to the same address after applying for a job online.  She later told police she was sexually and indecently assaulted by a man there.

‘Detectives arrested a 38 year old man at a business on Nelson Street in Fairfield on Saturday.

‘He was charged with two counts of indecent assault and one of sexual assault, and kept in custody overnight.

‘The man appeared in court at Parramatta today, where he was granted bail.  He is due to front Burwood Local Court in September.  Inquiries into the case are continuing.”

And the update, which appeared on 4 September, Deborah Rice reporting:

‘Woman Allegedly Raped by Sydney Baker Returned to Premises the Next Day, Desperate for Job, Court Hears’.

‘A woman who was allegedly raped by a Sydney baker while responding to an online job ad returned to the bakery the next day because she was desperate for a job, only to be attacked again, a Sydney court has heard.

‘The baker accused of the sexual assault is also accused of a separate indecent assault of another young woman who responded to the job ad in Sydney’s south-west.

Habibullah Afghan-Baig, 38, was arrested last week.

‘At a hearing on Sunday, he denied two counts of indecent asssault and one count of sexual assault, and was granted bail.

‘Today, the solicitor for the DPP (Department of Public Prosecution) applied for that bail to be re-determined, considering the very serious nature of the new charges and new evidence obtained by police.

‘The two women reportedly went to the bakery on separate occasions in July and August, answering an online job advertisement.

‘The first alleged victim, a 20 year old, accused Afghan-Baig of groping her breasts.

‘The second alleged victim, a 21 year old, also accused him of groping her and then having non-consensual sex with her.

‘However, she returned to the premises the next day.

‘It is alleged he again groped her, then pinned her down and had non-consensual sex with her six times.

“Baker’s Own CCTV Camera Captured Alleged Rape

‘Burwood local court heard that CCTV footage now available shows the 21 year old woman allegedly being put through a sustained sexual attack lasting 21 minutes.

‘Police have now laid an extra 33 charges against Afghan-Baig in relation to that second day.

‘The DPP solicitor told the court Afghan-Baig’s own security camera footage made it clear the 21 year old did not consent to having sex with him.

‘The solicitor also tendered 16 pages of text message records, which she said showed the alleged victim had turned down Afghan-Baig’s sexual advances, but that she had desperately needed the job he advertised.

‘Afghan-Baig’s lawyer said his client now conceded he had a sexual encounter with the second alleged victim, but it was by mutual consent.

Suuuure. Sounds like the CCTV evidence, however, must be pretty damning and pretty damn clear, for the police and the public prosecutor to be laying extra charges as a result. – CM

“If he goes into custody it’s financial ruin for him”, the lawyer told the court.

Cry me a river.  I’ll believe our Aussie police before I believe someone called Afghan-Baig who has been raised within a culture that views non-Muslim females as easy meat. – CM

‘Afghan-Baig has run the Afghan and Arab Bakery at Fairfield for more than ten years, but the offences allegedly occurred at a site in Lakemba which he has been setting up as a new bakery.

‘The crown solicitor reported that, following news of the arrest, more women claiming to be victims of the baker had come forward.

I am put in mind of the many Muslim curry and kebab shop owners, in the UK, who used their business premises as bases from which to ensnare and abuse vulnerable infidel women and girls. – CM

‘The solicitor argued that Afghan-Baig presented an unacceptable risk to the community.

Indeed he does; like so many of his ilk, as the UK has found out to its cost, at Rotherham and Oxford and in many other places.  Muslim men who bring with them into the West an ideologically-driven contempt for women, and for non-Muslim women in particular, are an unacceptable risk to any Infidel community. Afghan-Baig should never have been let into Australia in the first place. We have enough of our own bad apples – who act in obedience to no ideology or cult, but rather to their own lawless lust – without importing persons whose lawless lusts are both excited and sacralised by the example of the lawless lusts of warlord Mohammed. – CM

“His business is what he uses to lure women”, she said.

‘Magistrate G J Still agreed the CCTV footage considerably strengthened the Crown case.

“The facts before the court disclose alleged gross predatory behaviour towards vulnerable females”, he said.

‘He also acknowledged concerns Afghan-Baig had personal contact details for his alleged victims, and the potential to interfere with witnesses.

‘The magistrate revoked Afghan-Baig’s bail, and scheduled his next court appearance for October 28.”

And then we shall see what else comes out in the wash...



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